Celebrating 70 Years of Water Research At Newcastle University

At Newcastle we’ve been carrying out research into the world’s most precious resource for seventy years That’s seven decades of managing water pollution from agriculture, mining and urban development Helping communities industry, and governments on every continent prepare for flooding and drought And helping provide clean drinking water and plan sustainable water management across the globe We’re engineering at all scales to solve the problems of now and the future from using billions of micro-organisms to treat waste water to city-scale solutions to mitigate extreme flood risks and drought caused by the climate emergency Our experts are working to safeguard river deltas that support some of the world’s most diverse and rich ecosystems and are home to half a billion people We’ve developed portable tools for water quality analysis to enable even the poorest and remotest places in the world test their water supply And with the innovative sensors in our Urban Observatory we’re developing methods to identify flooding risks so we can better predict and respond to extreme weather events and 70 years of water research is just the start

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