Celebrating a century of astronomy

Today we’re celebrating 100 years of astronomy. And what it has brought us in terms of scientific
progress and also the cultural inspiration… …that comes from astronomy. We just listened to a beautiful lecture by Maria Popova
about cultural inspiration of astronomy in poetry. I think people are always interested in astronomy. It’s a fundamental thing, we look up at the sky
and we want to know what’s out there. But also the Hubble. Because the Hubble Space Telescope has
revealed to us the beauty of the universe. There are parts of the universe, nebulae,
star forming regions, that would be amazing art… …if it were just art. But it’s not only art, it’s science. I break down astronomy in three questions. Where did we come from? Where are we going?
What’s the future of the universe? And the last one is: are we alone?
Is there life elsewhere in the universe? For me, that last question is the most fascinating. And a question that we may be able
to answer in the next decade or so. It’s all about people. The Hubble Space Telescope
never discovered anything. People, astronomers, discover things. That’s what we do.

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