Celebrating AHRQ at 20

(soft music) For twenty years, the Agency for
Healthcare Research and Quality has been leading the
charge in patient safety, practice improvement,
and data and analytics. I’m honored and pleased to share HHS
Secretary Alex Azar’s message with you, our valued partners and stakeholders, as we celebrate AHRQ’s 20th anniversary. This year we’re celebrating
the twentieth anniversary of the Agency for Healthcare
Research and Quality, or AHRQ. For the past 20 years,
AHRQ has been a leader in bringing innovation to the delivery of
healthcare in the United States. Because of the efforts and
dedication of AHRQ staff members the Agency has had an impact
on patients that’s far greater than could have
been imagined at its launch. Today, HHS is working to
deliver on President Trump’s vision for healthcare across
three cross-cutting platforms: reforming the financing of care; deriving better value from that care; and improving health in
specific, impactable areas. AHRQ is moving us forward on all three
platforms, and has been doing so for quite a while by giving us insights into financing
through the HCUP and MEPS databases, identifying high-value
research-based interventions, and helping us understand the scope
of challenges like rural healthcare, the opioid crisis, and maternal mortality. The importance of AHRQ’s
work in disseminating solutions to improve
quality will only increase as we move toward a
system where we’re not just encouraging providers
to improve quality and educating them
about how to do it— we’re paying them for the
results when they deliver it. So to my colleagues at AHRQ:
congratulations, and keep up the good work. And as you look ahead to help patients
with multiple chronic conditions, provide comprehensive data
about the healthcare system, and reduce diagnostic errors, know that you’re going to
be right at the heart of building the kind of
healthcare system we all want: one that’s affordable, personalized,
patient-centric, puts you in control, and treats you like a person, not a number. Thank you. (soft music)

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