Celebrating AHRQ’s 20th Anniversary – Amy Helwig, M.D.

(gentle music) – I think AHRQ is consistently really brought attention to the issues around quality of care, patient safety, and patient experience of care, in a way that really no one else is. But I think even more important than that, in addition to drawing
attention to the issues, drawing attention to what the patterns are and what care looks like, AHRQ’s very effective in
building the right tools, and dissembling those tools, and really, it’s become the go to source. So, when I’m out in western Pennsylvania, and I’m trying to work with our providers, whether it be hospitals or
whether it be clinicians, and how they can change care and do clinical transformation really to make most effective care, AHRQ’s still where I
go to for those tools. They are readily
available, easy to deploy, easy to scale.

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