Celebrating AHRQ’s 20th Anniversary – Jon White, M.D.

(gentle music) – Really, if you look broadly, there’s three things that I think AHRQ has made the most
significant contributions to our healthcare system overall. First is the development of a really robust body of evidence about what works and what doesn’t in healthcare. It doesn’t cover everything in healthcare, but it covers a lot and
it’s really great evidence. The second are the people that are invested in improving
the quality of healthcare. There’s people that have come up through the AHRQ system, whether they’re funded by AHRQ, or they’ve worked at AHRQ, or they’ve worked with AHRQ, they’ve all walked away better for it. And they’re out there making a difference in the healthcare system now. The third has been to bring the focus on improving the quality and how you improve that quality, methodically, thoughtfully, carefully. And it’s brought our leaders in healthcare around to a different way of thinking about things and talking about things.

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