Celebrating and Educating: Our Significant African American Culture

Americans have contributed to the strength and moral integrity of the nation as we
strive to become a society that respects cultural
differences celebrates diversity and shares unified
values now therefore be it resolved that the Fairfax
county board of Supervisors on behalf of all residents of
Fairfax County dies hereby proclaims February 2020 as
African American History month in Fairfax County. SINGING I
am delighted to be here today and to be a part of this very
important program so I think about this particular month I
harken back to my grandparents so my grandparents Eddie B and
Eleanor Dye taught me so many important lessons but what
they did is they fought for the right for me and many of
you in this room to be able to go to public schools to get
employment to vote and as a result of that I recognize is
that I have a debt I have a responsibility to do the same
for my own kids and do that for other generations going
forward. SINGING SINGING We want to thank Fairfax County
and since i only have a couple
of words I want to say we have only
made it this far by faith and we ask everyone just to hold
on to God’s unchanging hands SINGING SINGING You know we have to
focus on our past to create our future and this is why
with the leadership of Jeff McCay that One Fairfax and our
strategic plan we are shaping the future together. As we
progress with One Fairfax in Fairfax County we need all of
your help to make sure that this county and this community
makes every decisions through an equity lens and in doing
that we can create a more just society for all of our
residents to thrive in. SINGING

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