Celebrating Black History: Biography: Hank Aaron Facts | Hank Aaron fun facts

baseball and homeruns are amazing join
me as we journey through history with fun facts about Hank Aaron pink Aaron is
known in history as one of the best baseball players of all time and civil
rights activist Henry Lewis Aaron was born on February 3rd 1934 in Mobile
Alabama where his parents were Herbert and Estella Aaron Aaron took to sports
at a young age playing baseball and football in high school at the age of 18
he began playing for an all african-american baseball league called
the Negro League where he was very successful Hank Aaron continued playing
baseball at a high level and actually started playing for the Braves and the
Furze when looking at his career there are many that consider 1957 as his best
year this is where he hit 44 home runs that year and 132 runs batted in he
would also be named the National League MVP and lead the Braves to win the World
Series championship now I did mention home runs in the world of baseball many
players are looked at as great because of their homerun hitting power Hank
Aaron was no exception with a career toll of 755 home runs during his major
league baseball career with so many home runs under his belt this is why he was
known by the nickname hammer and Hank although many loved him there were
others who threatened his life for attempting to break records as an
african-american this did not stop Hank we’re a milestone in his career was set
on April 8th 1974 on this date he was shattered another baseball icon
home run record named Babe Ruth hitting his 715 home run with all the success
during his career in baseball Hank Aaron was inducted into the Baseball Hall of
Fame in 1982 and although his record was broken for the most homeruns many still
consider him the homerun King of baseball so that is all for me friend
and I hope you enjoyed this fun lesson on Hank Aaron

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