Celebrating Black History for kids: Learn about the life of Bessie Coleman (Educational Videos)

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the subscribe button and the thumbs up for more videos just like this. Let’s go! Hello, friend, I am ready to help you learn
fun facts from history and today I have an awesome lesson on a pioneer from African American
history named Bessie Coleman. Bessie Coleman is known in history as the
first African American woman to earn her pilot’s license. The life of Bessie Coleman began on January
26, 1892, where she was born in Atlanta, Texas. Her parents were George and Susan Coleman
and they both had 13 children altogether. Bessie’s story is amazing because she fought
for her dreams where many flying schools in the United States did not allow her to attend
their schools. This is where Bessie studied on her own to
learn how to speak French. She did this so that she could move to France
and learn how to fly. After learning to speak French Bessie Coleman
left the United States and moved to France. There she attended a well-known school called
the Caudron Brother’s School of Aviation. It took Bessie Coleman 7 months to earn her
pilots license and she was off to the skies. After earning her license Bessie made money
performing at air shows doing tricks in her plane also called stunt flying. Another part of her performance was jumping
out of airplanes and parachuting to the ground. Sadly, Bessie Coleman died at the age of 34. She was very young. During a rehearsal where she was practicing
for an air show, her plane crashed killing her on April 30, 1926, in Jacksonville Florida. Reaching for the skies and not letting color
barriers stop her Bessie Coleman will be remembered in history as the first African American woman
to earn her pilots license. Thanks for watching our video with a few quick
and fun facts for kids from the biography of Bessie Coleman.

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