Celebrating Black History Month | JPMorgan Chase & Co.

My grandmother, has a famous
quote, “You don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been.” What excites me about Black
History Month is the opportunity to recognize the contributions of African Americans in
this country. That contribution is 365 days a year. When I think about Black History
Month, I feel grounded. And it also connects me to my ancestors. It’s a way that I feel closer to the people
in my family who I perhaps may not have known. Having three daughters, you
wanna make sure that they understand the importance of equality, diversity, speaking up– and
standing up for what’s right. There is almost an intrinsic
value that someone gets from being interested in someone else’s history or their background. It always comes back to you. There are amazing stories that
get told during Black History Month. And it is through that learning and appreciation
and understanding– that perceptions and biases– can shift and change. It’s important to recognize
that black history is American history. I’m humbled that my path was
made easier because of those before me who made the ultimate sacrifice. Therefore I have an obligation and responsibility
to continue to pay it forward. For you to understand someone
else’s history, you can learn more about them and communicate more effectively. So to question black history’s relevance is
to question communication’s relevance. Connect with the stories. And connect with the people who are telling
the stories. And that can be a bridge.

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