Celebrating Christmas in Japan | Life in Japan Episode 35

It’s Christmas time, and the world’s biggest celebration is underway. In this episode, you’ll see how we celebrate Christmas here in Japan. Welcome to Life in Japan! (Life in Japan Theme Music) Is this Santa’s workshop here? Seth, we gotta get this on video because…
Ah, you’re going to be famous! He has the best Christmas sweater I’ve yet seen. “Oh, Snap!” You guys look great! Little shepherds, huh? Awe-some! And an angel Anna. Beautiful angel Anna. OK everyone, if I could please have your attention. All the children. And Josiah and Daichi. I need all my shepherds and sheep to be here in front. My angels, you all need to be kneeling down right here in front. See that man in the black shirt? Wave your hand. Look at him. I want you standing, looking at him. OK Our Christmas celebrations this year started off at Paz Coffee Shop, Sunday morning we had a special Christmas drama, telling the true story of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. The kids were so adorable, all dressed up as shepherds and sheep to react the story of the very first Christmas. Some kids were even bribed into singing extra loud by letting them open an early Christmas gift that evening. Mario Kart on the big screen! Look at these guys playing! I love it! The drinks today were free for Christmas! That evening we had our first Candlelight Christmas Service full of beautiful Christmas music and a word about Christmas. The lights went out as we lit each other’s candles. What a special, unforgettable moment it was. So Beckster — you’re in the nice warm spot, huh? Oh! Did you just have too much coffee yesterday? Yeah? Couldn’t sleep well last night? Christmas Eve! Yeah! We get home early, and what are we going to do? After we eat, we’re going to open our stockings. Here we go! Uh! The girlfriend’s doing some fried chicken! This little guy knows what a camera is, that’s for sure. Hello everybody! Today I am going to talk about… Christmas! Yeah! Everybody thinks it’s just about presents and stuff and decorations but… The true story is that it’s Jesus’ birthday! And on Jesus’ birthday, there was a huge star. And that’s why there’s a star on a Christmas tree. Except there’s an angel on ours. Yeah, there’s an angel.
Sometimes there’s a star, right? He was born in a manger, so that’s why we decorate… Um, Daddy, behind you… a manger. Bye bye. Oh, this is a squishy chair! It’s a… oh my goodness! It’s Joshua?! I was sitting on you?! OK, let’s read. We’re going to read the story of Christmas and then we’re going to open our stockings, OK everybody? Are you excited to open the stockings, Joshua? Yes! “And while they were there, the time came for her baby to be born.” “She gave birth to her first born son…” “She wrapped him snuggly…” “She wrapped him snuggly in strips of cloth and laid him in a manger because there was no lodging available for them…” “Away in a manger, no crib for a bed. The little Lord Jesus laid down his sweet head.” “The stars in the sky looked down where He lay. The little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay.” OK, everyone in the living room! Let’s hurry, Dude!
We’re going to open the stockings! Here’s our stockings!
Let me tell you something… No peeking. Don’t look. Everybody, don’t look. No peeking. No peeking! Everybody can open! OHHHHH Luigi!!! Yea!!! What did you guys get?
Peach! Marioooooooooo!!!! OK, here’s Daddy’s. What could it be? I’m going to get the princess! Tada! Is that what you wanted? Is that what Sarah drew for you? Wow! What else did she do? Ah Sarah that’s so good honey! What a good present for Big J! That was nice. That’s pretty cool, huh Dude? Yes! Oh my goodness, girls. Look at those jackets! Put your hoodie up right now! Oh my goodness!
(Screams) Look what Sarah drew. There’s one for Anna. “I love you, Anna.” And one for Becca, “I love you, Becca.” (Sarah giggles) My turn! My turn! What are you doing, Anna? Homework with Yoshi. Homework with Yoshi?! You have homework due tomorrow, on Christmas day?! Yea.
Oh my goodness. But I got Yoshi. Do you have your new little buddies next to you while you sleep tonight, huh? Aw, that’s special, huh? Hey big guy…
Let’s open presents? Want to open presents?
It’s Christmas morning. It’s Christmas, do you want to open presents? Do you want to open some presents? For Christmas? Yeah? Should we go? Let’s go open some presents. Good morning, big guy!
Should I take off your blanket? Wait, don’t open it yet. I think… I don’t know. WHAT?!! Christmas is a time of great joy and celebration. We give gifts to each other because on Christmas we received the greatest gift anyone has ever received. And that is God Himself, in the form of a little baby boy, Jesus. He came to save us. He came to bring us joy and hope and a future. It’s Christmas! And we only have a half day of school today, huh? Tomorrow is the last day of school. So our families are coming over, My sister and my brother and their families. And we’re going to have ham and potatoes and salad and a hot vegetable and desert and coffee… And then the kids are doing a gift exchange. We picked names a couple of weeks ago, and the kids are going to exchange gifts. It should be so much fun! Wow!
Mario Kart! Wow!
Is that so cool? Becca, I bought this for you, I chose it. Wow, that’s cool. Whoa, what do you have, Joshua? What is it? Show me how it works. You can drive it?! Yea.
Wow. You tap this button and then it goes. 3, 2, 1 go! We win! I got fire! No! Get on my back!
(Bowser blows fire) Bam! Yeah! I already get ‘cha. If you like this video, please subscribe! And please say “So, so cute” to these two and everybody else. The Toad, and stuff. OK, bye!

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  1. I love your family so much! Merry Xmas to you all. Are the girls identical twins? Part of me says yes but I can always tell them apart! We have had a lot of rain recently in the UK and would have preferred a touch of snow!

  2. マリオとルイージもかわいいけど、アナもベッカもサラもジョシュアもみんなかわいい。最高のクリスマスですね。また次の動画も楽しみにしてます!!

  3. 素敵なクリスマス🎄みんな、楽しそうで心が温まります💝

  4. You guys have taken the number one spot of my favorite jvloggers.

    Merry Christmas. Happy new year's.

    I can't wait to see what 2020 brings.

  5. 奥さんの兄弟家族も日本に住んでるのか😂✨こりゃ凄い!笑

  6. when i was a kid, i got the DVD of Harry Potter 4th as a Christmas gift. Your footage reminds me that.

  7. In a video can you please explain to us why the kids go to school on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in 🇯🇵🙂 this a first that I heard of before 🙂
    Merry Christmas everyone

  8. I'm not religious
    , but I'm curious to know if there is a community of Japanese Christians there…

    Greetings from Barcelona!

  9. 羊役の子供さんが超かわゆかったです💖😊🎄🎅🍰🎁 小さなお子さんが溢れて集まっているのを見ると自然に笑顔になります。子供は宝ですね💖💖💖お父さんやお母さんに感謝してね。

  10. I'm so jealous of ur family. Wish i grew up in such a loving and very happy family that has each other's back. So nice to see u guys smiling and enjoying your life in Japan. One day i can get to live in Japan and make my own happy family. Keep it up, really enjoying ur videos about Japan!

  11. まるで、アメリカドラマの「大草原の

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