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So we’re talking about, um, okay, here we
go. What are we talking about? Well, let’s just make it up here. Life with God is so good. So come join us on this fun life where we
put God in the center of everything. Hey everybody! Hey everybody! Welcome back! We are here again with Life
With Gwen and Joe, and we are at the holiday season, and so you’re not going to believe
how many just unbelievable people that we are around that are working for God every
day, living upright lives; and it is such a joy at this time of year, Christmas time,
for us to get together and have parties. And we try to serve everybody with having the
best food and beautiful music and a lot of fellowshipping going on. So we just had a
party the other night, right? You want to tell them about that? That’s right. There is nothing like the
spirit of Christmas. Everybody is just getting ready for the holidays, and Christmas is coming,
and there is just that Christmas cheer in the air, and we did have a party the other
night, and when people come over there, they’re just so gracious, and we have a group of incredible
friends who go to church. And help with Weigh Down. Oh my word! They help with Weigh Down. It’s a big staff. And they are all…it’s this community of
people who just absolutely love each other, and it’s so nice and refreshing to see how
people treat each other. Gwen, we know that you have poured your life
out to make sure that our individual lives, our marriages, our families, our children
were raised correctly. And there is nothing that would adequately repay what you’ve
given to us. Gwen, you use your phone to bless the saints. You use your phone, you use your
phone, you don’t…you don’t… It’s our honor to, to chip in and help with that,
you know… Okay, so now what we want to do is we want
to thank the Martins for all they have done! I’m praising God for the Martin family and
then their five children. They are so precious, and they just keep stepping up and stepping
up. The singing today from David Martin… Come and behold Him, He is born the King of
angels. O come let us adore Him, O come let us adore Him, O come let us adore Him, Christ
the Lord The best ever! So praise God! I would not be anything worth loving without
the influence of Gwen and her family, Michael and Elizabeth. Let’s give credit where credit
is due, to the Lara, the Shamblin, the Hannah families. I also want to just acknowledge Amy and Patrick
Stites for all they do. It’s amazing! Joe and I would also like to acknowledge Joseph
and Maria Langsdon. Just like, just say “hi!” When you think about all who’s touched,
between Facebook and Remnant and all that, all the people touched, you could not make
it happen with a better group of people. You guys rock and roll. Thank you! This is our
night to thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You know, a community is…this community
is made up of these people, this incredible men, these incredible women, these incredible
families. And so honored, so honored, and so thankful to be a part of all this and share
this time and this season with you all. And I know how incredibly grateful Gwen is that
she has the support and backing and the spiritual lessons that all of you bring to this place.
So I just want to say thank you, and it’s really a tremendous blessing to be standing
here, to be standing next to this incredible lady. And I just thank God and am so appreciative. Jesus Christ is the head of this, and what
Christ has done for all of us is still alive. It is still alive. No wonder we celebrate
His birth! This is huge. And let me tell you something, that you guys keep this going,
and there is nothing that you could be doing that is more important than keeping the Kingdom
of God going. Thank you very much! And it’s not just during Christmas time.
Everybody is very gracious. Yeah, a lot of them are “out of towners,”
too. We have a lot of regional reps and people that are working behind the scenes. We have
videographers, we have marketing team, we have a steering committee. We also have a graphics department. We have
people working the Facebook pages, Twitter, the social media in general. And they work
very hard at doing that, and it’s a great group of people. Oh my goodness! We also have online class coordinators that
work for the Weigh Down television program. Right. And we also have an incredible team
that is behind the scenes all the time, filming “Life With Gwen and Joe.” That’s right, and they are standing by…
What a crew! They are on the set right now, and we love you guys so much. Awesome! We
love all your hard work, and we appreciate what you do. All you editors, oh my goodness, what a great
job! At this time of year we also celebrate the Festival of Lights along with Christmas.
The Festival of Lights is something that the Jewish people have always traditionally done,
and it’s referring to Hanukkah and Judah Maccabee. But we will celebrate all the saints
that have walked before us that are great lights, especially Jesus Christ, but also
all the saints at the church who have done so much. So this was a gift from Lisa and
Jerry Roth, and the whole thing is just so beautiful because it is symbolic of our little
church and all the lights that are in it. It’s beautiful. Absolutely. Speaking of
the Festival of Lights, the people in this church are really amazing lights, not only
for our relationships with them but lights for God, illuminating the way so that people
can find Jesus Christ and exemplifying the very things that Christ would have us do in
our lives to represent Him and to bring other people into the message, into the Word. You are the lights. May you be a beacon…a
bright beacon…for God’s house, His people, for God alone, forevermore. Amen! When you say Festival of Lights, I think of
actually the very people that are in our church community. They are lights in and of themselves. So it’s a season of giving, it’s a season
of appreciation, and I can’t think of another and a better way to say it than being able
to say on this show how much Joe and I love you guys and appreciate each and every one
of you. Amen, amen. We love you guys.

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