Celebrating #EinsteinWomenInScience: Elise Ishida

My name is Elise Ishida
and I’m a fourth year Ph.D. student. I’m in Jacqueline Achkar’s lab and my research focuses on antibodies
that recognize tuberculosis. I remember being in the eighth grade, and I did a science fair project
and I made it to the state science fair, studying Coquí frogs. And I won an award from the zoo. It was not a monetary award, but I was very excited and it was some type of validation that I was good at science or my experiment was worthy of an award. As an undergrad, I had a very excellent mentor in microbiology Dr. Susan Leschine. And I thought she just had
such a creative approach to studying anaerobic mycobacteria
from the soil. And even now, my mentor Jacqueline Achkar is an incredible role model
to all of us in our lab, and she is a primary example
of why you don’t give up. You know, she never gives up. So, to girls and women
who want to stay or pursue a career in science, I think that if you’re creative
and you like to solve problems, this is a perfect career for you. And there are a lot of opportunities
that you can’t even imagine.

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