Celebrating Golf in America: Wyoming

So as we continue celebrating 125 years of golf in the United States Golf Association, we’re going state to state and This time around it’s the 44th state of the union Wyoming and we’re gonna be joined by Jim Ben abhi who was a man who four times won the state junior and he’s in their Hall of Fame Jim first of all, thank you for joining us as we celebrate 125 years and I want to know how did living in Wyoming growing up in Wyoming? How did it cultivate and form your golf game? I? Would think more than anything the long winners? Provided plenty of inspiration to work hard when the weather got nice and practice in play and quite a bit of dedication But also it was nice to have some time off to them well, you obviously as a young man were a terrific player and I’ve referenced the 1991 United States Junior where you made it all the way to the semi-finals you beat Jeff Maggert Did that open your eyes or how did it start to make you think about golf bigger beyond just the state? Yeah, it did I had just graduated high school I was kind of young for my age and There was a qualifying in Fargo, North Dakota In my family we happen to be on a summer vacation over in Minnesota and so that’s nearest qualifier I could get to And and Romney made it a point to put qualifiers in Wyoming after that so it was nice to meet some kids from all around the country and figured I could play with them a little bit if I Continue to work hard. Well, obviously you did work hard because you went on to play all over the globe Have you ever played anywhere though as beautiful as your home state, Wyoming? Well, gee I don’t know if you’ve been to Sheridan but it’s a pretty nice place and I lived over in Jackson for awhile Yeah, it’s gorgeous. It’s my my home state. I certainly enjoy it But there’s a lot of golf around the world as you know, that’s beautiful as well and in Wyoming. We were talking earlier about The shortened schedule because of the winter months different parts of the state Are you able to be able to play a little bit longer in the south versus the north? and what are your favorite courses in each part of the state you Know it’s actually the other way around through the elevation in the southern part of the state. It’s over 7,000 so it’s typically a bit colder and windier and Most folks that drive i-80 across Wyoming pledge to never come back. I live up north elevations 3300 or so here in Sheridan It’s hard to get much more than beginning in April and ending in October and those months can be kind of cold and wet There were many times in high school playing season spring and fall that we were dealing with cold weather and occasional snowstorms You’ve played in every major at least once you’ve played in three US Opens I was wondering before we let you go. If you could leave us your favorite memory from one of those US Opens Well, it would have to be the 1990 US Open it was the first one that I had qualified for The inhaler woman won. I did finish 14th tied for 14th The others I missed the cut but it was a tremendous experience To play in a major like that against all the players back then I was still relatively young 25 years old and It was just fantastic to be competing in a major. That’s Jim been abhi Jim. Thanks for joining us we celebrating 125 years of golf at the USGA and thanks for being a wonderful ambassador for the state of Wyoming you

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