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(music) (Ontario greenbelt logo) (Celebrating 10 years of Ontario Greenbelt) February 28th, 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of Ontario’s Greenbelt. It’s the largest permanent Greenbelt in the world. (image of apples on a tree) The Greenbelt ranges from Rice Lake in the east to the Niagara River in the west. (image of a waterfall) It protects nearly 2 million acres of farmland and environmentally sensitive areas from urban development. (image of water dripping on moss) The Greenbelt includes two specialty-crop regions, local farmer’s markets and over 5,500 farms. It accounts for 80 per cent of Ontario’s land in peach, grape, plum and apricot production. It provides Ontario with more than 9.1 billion dollars in economic benefits every year. (meal being served at a restaurant) (Man fishing) Over 1 million acres of lakes, wetlands and forests protected by the Greenbelt help to provide habitat and keep our water and air clean. Not only that, these ecological services are worth 2.6 billion dollars a year. The Greenbelt also offers many recreational opportunities, including hiking, skiing and snowshoeing. (images of skiers and people snowshoeing) The Greenbelt works to make sure that Ontarians are able to horseback ride along the Niagara Escarpment. They can pick apples in the Oak Ridges Moraine, and admire the beauty of the waterfalls in Hamilton Region – for many years to come. For ten years, the Greenbelt has served as a working countryside and as an oasis. (music) (image of people by the lake, image of a small moth on a dry wood) (Province of Ontario logo) (learn more at ontario.ca/greenbelt)

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