Celebrating HAPPY JIMIN DAY in Korea 🎉

Today is a special day! Today is October 13th October 13th is the day of Jimin’s birthday (Jimin is my ultimate bias) I am now in Seoul and I am planning to visit cafes which organize event because of Jimin’s bday You can get cup holders with Jimin Various stickets, sets… There are some exhibitions So I will visit the places I noted And we will see how Korean ARMYs celebrate Jimin’s bday! Right now I’m in Gangnam Starting from Yeoksam Cafe All the ARMYs recommended this one – that it has many decorations with Jimin and you can get many things So I am going to order my coffee! This cafe has a special menu for Jimin’s bday We ordered ‘Happy Jimin Day’ which is a cold latte And ‘I love Jimin’ which is the translation of this one and it’s a vanilla latte We have our order and this is I love Jimin And Happy Jimin Day So a cold latte and ice vanilla latte We also got 2 cup holders with his birth date 25th bday Happy Jimin Day! And we also got 2 sets of photocards and I’m gonna see them now! Jimin’s bday photocard set looks like this 1st one… Another one… Next one A third one I love this hair color though! And also a sticker! I’m still in Gangnam and it’s time for the second cafe! This is Cafe One Pick And I can already see a lot of Jimins there This cafe also has Jimin special menu but it’s a bit different And we ordered lemonade And a grape ade It sounds weird in Polish because we have no word to describe a lemonade with grape flavor The cup holders here look like this But we also got a lot of stickers! And photocards! A LOT OF JIMINS HERE A lot of Jimin stickers This set consists of 2 photocards But they have 2 different sides This one looks like this And this one looks like this So pretty~ We went inside Caface which is famous for printing photos on coffee And this cafe also has Jimin event! And you can get keyrings to your order But I didn’t expect such a long queue here And I hope I’ll make it on time! To Jimin cup holder we also got Jungkook cup holder Because it was also his birthday last month! These are Jimin photocards A cup holder And the most important thing… A coffee! I have to drink it fast Because it’s 8 pm And there are still more cofes to visit! I left Caface and it took me 1 hour to get the coffee there And this is another cafe with Jimin event, as you can see! But it’s a whole street of cafes like this one! I hope I can see all of them today! And I will get the cup holders! And order all the coffees… Let’s go inside~ Unfortunately, I had to choose one thing – a cupholder or a photocard I chose a cup holder because I’m collecting them This is a special BTS Drink – especially for Jimin’s bday I just told you that I had to choose one thing but actually I got some photocards! And stickers! The stickers set looks like this And I also have 2 Jimin photocards stylized as BTS WORLD cards Very sweet And very grapefruit-ish But I need something like this after drinking coffee a moment ago One more cafe – Hey there I already noticed that I have to order on the 1st floor and 2nd floor is for photo zone I got another coffee and the holder looks like this~ And one more set of photocards and stickers! Here we have a lettering but I didn’t translate it yet This Jimin photocard surprised me a lot Another one Jimin with horns Jimin in sunglasses And 2 really cute stickers This is the photo zone Here are the cup holders and this one is one of the most beautiful, in my opinion Jimin here And even more Jimins One more cafe! Probably one of our favorite We went here during Jungkook and RM’s bday We loved it Let’s see Jimin version I placed an order and I got 2 cup holders I had to choose 1 Jimin holder and I chose this one I’ll show you the other one And I also have another one with BTS debut date As always, some stickers And this! It looks like a photobooth thing These are the 2 holders I could choose I chose the right one We had enough coffee for today and chocolate as well… So I ordered a banana smoothie I wanted it! I needed it… It’s quite sweet But also delicious! And I have a pretty cup holder! I found one more cafe somehow Other 2 were closed… Maybe I’ll go there tomorrow Let’s see… Oh God, so many Jimins Let’s see the cup holders here! I can choose photocards here I’ll just pick one of each This time I chose ice tea But I got quite many things here This is the cup holder I really love it! But I bought a cookie… A cat-shaped cookie with Jimin written on it But it’s a calico cat, I’m sure! It reminds me of Serendipity Coincidence? I don’t think so! I took some stickers and photocards These are Yoongi stickers Namjoon sticker Yoongi… Jin… RM, Hoseok And Jungkook I think Jimin ones finished… LOL But I have a Jimin set here! It’s a sticker and a photocard, I’m gonna open it in a moment But I also got a poster and I’m really curious about it! The Jimin set looks like this It’s a sticker A photocard – 2 sides A card with quite old pic One more and I think I like this one the most but it hates me I love this one! Beautiful pic! Let’s check the poster And this is the Jimin poster I got here! The quality is amazing The paper is really thick and glossy So one more posters gotten in Korea! I am in love As I already said, some cafes were closed today Some of them were closed around 1PM I have no idea why because today is the event day Makes no sense Maybe I will go to these places tomorrow I wanted to see an exhibition but it was also closed… I’m gonna hide these cards! I am taking my calico cat I am taking everything Let’s go! There is a huge poster above the stairs, look We’re in ZZANG GAMES with a lot of machines to play We can win BTS POP Let’s win Jimin today! For the end of his bday Yes! I am starting a new day! As I said before, I couldn’t see all the cafes So I went to Golden Crema I saw many Jimin pics but no cup holders anymore So let’s go to the next one! In Arriate Cafe (which is known for its floral decoration) we noticed Jimin event too I didn’t expect this kinda cafe to organize such event So I ordered my coffee! It looks like this One of the most beautiful, I think But I also got… A Jimin sticker! Mapo has more Jimin cafes so let’s check some of them We walked to another place It says ‘most instagrammable’ because it has many pretty things inside! This is my Jimin set This is the cup holder Really pretty Let’s see the inside of the box, though! I have 2 Jimin cookies More Jimin cookies And milk tea Also with Jimin But! I also got… Photocards and stickers And one more place with Jimin event! This is the set from this cafe A photo, postcard and two Instagram frames And one more cup holder! We decided to order something different in each place And this is an Oreo shake We really wanted something different It tastes like… Liquid Oreo This straw is too small This place also has special Jimin menu Each coffee has his name One more place to go! But suddenly I found this One more cafe… Even Jungkook is here One more Jimin Let’s see what’s inside! I have no idea what happened here We saw this cafe by accident I had this cafe on my list but I was sad because the event finished It was an event for Jimin’s bday only I read on the Internet that there was no cup holders anymore But we went inside and I noticed that it’s this place! I really wanted this holder Here we see older Jimin hugging a younger version of him I love it! But the owner of this cafe is quite famous! He even wrote a book But he also has a cafe and he loves BTS He designed these holders He created them He also designed other things we got here like stickers, drawings, posters He is also the kindest person on this planet! It’s a funny story though He spoke Korean to us all the time I have no idea why we understood everything He told us about himself, his life, his designs He also told us about BTS fandom in Korea, how it looks like Who ARMYs like the most: that Jungkook is 1st 2nd is Jimin and 3rd is V He said that J-Hope is 6th Yoongi is after V and then is Jin and RM is the last one He complained that RM is always the last one But we also got extra Namjoon set here Kinda special I will show you our cake – mine has Chimmy drawing and it says Jimin Saranghae which means I love you Jimin On Ann’s cake there is written ‘My star Jungkook’ The decor here is also made by the owner I love this place! Here is a white board and everything is written by ARMYs But there are also many papers with ARMYs wishes for Jimin Honestly, this man is probably the biggest Jimin fan I’ve ever seen He also has a wife He introduced her to us as his beautiful wife But her face was priceless at this moment She is like Ann Her husband talks about BTS all the time, he talks about Jimin all the time… And she’s tired of it But there is one more thing I wanna tell you! There was one more funny situation that happened here We tried to get through the things we got here The owner was preparing our orders at the same time He said ‘Jimin’ and I turned around immediately He started to laugh and he asked ‘Is your name Jimin?’ because I reacted so fast This is the writing I mentioned a moment ago I love Jimin And My Start Jungkook I didn’t tell you that we got a lot of cookies We have Jimin set, Jungkook set and RM set And here we have a lot of photocards, stickers and posters and I’ll show it all to you! We published post on Twitter and won a quick Namjoon quiz and the owner gave us extra Yoongi cards And a Jimin card Here we have many Namjoon stickers Photocards More and more MORE Jimin stickers and the design made by the cafe owner And two more cards~ A Jimin slogan BTS poster Ann’s Jungkook set again has RM sticker set I showed it to you already Kookie photocards Jimin sticker Kookie stickers RM photo Again, a Jimin slogan Jungkook poster BTS poster again And one more RM poster We came back to our hotel and I have 2 bags of Jimin cup holders! After coming back to Poland I will make a tower of them But… Time to finish this vlog I wanted to check more cafes but we had no time The events ended already But there was A LOT! I hope you liked this vlog! If you did, leave your thumbs up! Subscribe and click a bell to get all the notification! If you have ideas for more videos, also let us know! And, of course, see you in the next video!

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  1. ARMY! Zadanie dla Was! Policzcie ile razy w tym vlogu Carol powiedziała "JIMIN" 😂
    Challenge for you! How many times did Carol say 'Jimin' in this vlog? 😂

    po.5 myślę że wszystkie kawiarnie są święte bo we wszystkich jest coś z jiminem

  3. Ubolewam że Kai nie jest już twoim UB. Tak bardzo chciałabym tak kiedyś świętować urodziny swoich idoli :<<<<<<<<

  4. Carol powiedziała Imię "Jimin" i wszystkie jego odmiany 69 razy jeżeli nie popełniłam błędu. Czy to przeznaczenie? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. Dlaczegoo wstawiasz to 1 listopada?? Jestem army i moim ub jest jimin ❤ ale mam kare na telefon i nie jestem na bierzaco ale myslalam ze wstawisz chociaz 14 pazdziernika ale wstailas puzniej trudno ale i tak cie kocham i an ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Dużo Jimina zara zwariuje nie dość ze mam dużo Jimina aaa!! Żyć nie umierać💜🤞🏻 Nie było ci szkoda pic tej kawy z Jiminem

  7. Mam pytanie – dlaczego tam jest napisane wszędzie 1995- 1013? 1995 to rok w którym Jiminnie przyszedł na świat ale to drugie?


    1. Jimina 0:39
    2. Jiminem 0:48
    3. Jimina 0:57
    4. Jimina 1:08
    5. Jimin 1:36
    6. Jimina 1:39
    7. Jimina 1:53
    8. Jimin 1:55
    9. Jimina 2:01
    10. Jimin 2:05
    11. Jimina 2:15-16
    12. Jimin 2:20
    13. Jimina 2:27
    14. Jiminów 2:38
    15. Jiminem 3:08
    16. Jiminów 3:30
    17. Jiminem 3:34
    18. Jiminem 3:39
    19. Jiminem 4:27
    20. Jiminem 4:33
    21. Jiminów 5:04
    22. Jimina 6:02
    23. Jiminem 6:14
    24. Jiminem 6:57
    25. Jimin 7:02
    26. Jimin 7:08
    27. Jimin 7:22
    28. Jiminów 7:25
    29. Jiminem 7:51
    30. Jiminem 7:58
    31. Jiminem 7:58
    32. Jimin 9:58-59
    33. Jiminy 10:27
    34. Jimina 10:30
    35. Jiminowy 10:36
    36. Jimina 10:58
    37. Jimina 11:49
    38. Jimina 12:04
    39. Jiminów 12:37
    40. Jiminem 13:24-25
    41. Jiminem 13:39
    42. Jimina 13:47
    43. Jiminem 14:35
    44. Jiminem 14:40
    45. Jiminem 14:47
    46. Jimina 15:03
    47. Jimina 15:25
    48. Jimina 16:59
    49. Jimin 16:09
    50. Jimina 17:02
    51. Jimin 17:19
    52. Jimina 17:20
    53. Jimina 17:44
    54. Jimin 18:08
    55. Jimina 18:26
    56. Jimin 18:57
    57. Jimin 18:57
    58. Jimina 18:59
    59. Jimina 19:03
    60. Jiminie 19:21
    61. Jimin 19:35
    62. Jimin 19:39
    63. Jimina 19:44
    64. Jiminem 19:51
    65. Jiminem 20:05
    66. Jiminem 20:26
    67. Jiminem 20:44
    68. Jiminem 20:49
    69. Jimina 21:03

    Dajcie [*] dla moich bolących pleców bo siedziałam krzywo kiedy stopowałam filmik co 5 sekund i dla mojej głowy bo mnie boli i teraz wszędzie widzę Jimina ;-; (, ale w sumie to nie tak źle 😘😉)

    P.s wszystkiego najlepszego Carol 💜💜💜

  9. Carol powiedziała "Jimin" 61 razy💜 Ann łączmy się! Mój ub to Yoongi

    Edit:Dostanę zawału! UBTV dało mi serduszko💜💜kocham was💜 💜 💜 💜 💜

  10. Ann~
    Mogłabyś mi dzielić informacji, jak się nazywa ostatnia kawiarnia?
    Dodatki są wspaniałe <3
    Może udałoby mi się tam udać na Vday👉👈

  11. Ja nie umiem wybrać sobie biasa z BTS…kocham każdego za co innego ,ale równie mocno💜💜💜
    Te nakładka z 2 Jiminami jest przepiękna 💜

  12. Caro może nagrasz filmik właśnie o namjoonie .Z wielką chęcią taki film bym pooglądała na tym kanale ps.wszystkiego najlepszego ❤❤

  13. Wow !! Piękne rzeczy ! A co do tego pana co mówił że Rm zawsze ostatni jest. To mi zawsze przykro ze RM moj Ub jest ostani iże go hejtuj za tak jaki jest i za urodę . A co do rzeczy śa piekne i zazdroszczę tego setu z RM

  14. A nie lubię kawy aleee…jak bym piła to bym na twoim miejscu miała disc kawy przez dłuuugi czas 😂super filmik 😍

  15. Fajnie by było gdyby ktoś tak świętował moje urodziny a nie że wszyscy mają mnie w czterech literaz i 2 lub 3 tygodnie później mi składają… więc naprawdę mu zazdroszczę…

  16. Świetny odcinek ❤️ Niesamowite, ile tego tam jest🤣.
    A w ogóle słuchając o tym, jak opowiadałyście o właścicielu jednej z tych kawiarni, nasunęła mi się pewna myśl: może zrobicie odcinek o koreańskich fandomach? Jakieś ciekawostki, obalanie mitów, różnice między koreańskimi a ogólnoświatowymi fanami itd. Myślę, że byłoby to ciekawe😊😘.

  17. Właściwie nurtuje mnie jedna rzecz. Wiem, że mówiłyście, że lecąc do korei lepiej umieć czytać i mówić coś po koreańsku.
    Ale co w przypadku gdy ktoś nie umie czytać, a chcemy iść do kawiarni czy restauracji i innych tego typu miejsc? Mam na myśli możliwość dogadania się po angielsku czy np. Menu dla obcokrajowców?

  18. wgl prosze zrob jakis film o ostatnich wydarzeniach z pazdziernika. miedzy innymi porozmawiaj o smierci sulli, wonho, woojin i hwallu i o tym, jak zapobiec takim niemilym wydarzeniom

  19. To uczucie kiedy urodziłas się tego samego dnia, mięsiaca i prawie godzinie jak Jimin XD

    – Dziś jest szczęśliwy dzień czyli 13 października czyli urodziny Jimina
    Oraz mnie XD

  20. Da ktoś może linka jaka to melodia w tle? W sensie wiem, że to piosenka Jimina ale bardziej chodzi mi o tą ,,edycję melodii" ^^'

  21. Carol kocha Jimina
    W pewnym momencie leci fancy
    Czy jimin chcę coś przekazać Carol?
    Nie sądzę

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