Celebrating Impact: Law Dawgs look back at 2019

I’m really proud to be here because the whole
experience of getting into law school and then studying here in UW as a whole is amazing. And I’m really proud of that. My proudest accomplishment in 2009
was the fact that I was admitted to the Ph.D. program here. And biggest accomplishment of all is the fact that
really get all the support I needed for my professors here and pass my exams. And lastly, but not the least, to the year,
my newborn girl, who is a month and a half now, was born. most proud accomplishment of this My most proud accomplishment of this year is that I was able to be a semifinalist in the 1L law competition for mock trial and so I’m really excited that I’d never
done it before, had no experience in that and so I just tried it on a whim and it went well. So maybe litigation’s in my future, we’ll see. 2019 has been quite an exciting year, I had the opportunity to create a colloquium talk
with the Barer Institute Colloquium Series. And it’s an opportunity to share my passions,
what I’ve learned about in front of my colleagues, my lecturers, including Mr. Stan Barer,
who was part of the audience. As a 1L in my first quarter, I am most
proud of the participation I had in mock trial and making new friends by putting
myself out there in that way. I was fortunate enough to be offered a position
with the Alaska Supreme Court, with Justice Stowers in Achorage next year,
so I’m really excited to be clerking for him upon graduation. In 2020, I hope to continue the sustainable
international development path and that I’ll be completing with the MJ program. and further that, pursue in the field. Oh my gosh, I’m doing two externships, one
at the US Attorney’s Office and then one with Justice Gonzalez down in Olympia. And then I’m really excited to go back to
the firm Miller Nash, where I was out this last summer I’ll be
going there for my 2L summer as well. I’m most excited about actually getting out
and doing things for the community. So I’m really looking at community organizing
and community lawyering, and a lot of like radical lawyering. So I’m really, really excited to do my summer
internship in community-organized space.

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