Celebrating ‘In Living Color’

[Music] [Music] holy don’t plate it and now public access presents min on Phillips I blame Edward and I’m Antoine Meriwether and welcome to men on fields we’re gonna be reviewing the latest film from a male point of view tonight’s broadcast is brought to you by bengay [Applause] ain’t gonna touch it Ben did we’ll be wrapping up the summer films first up is the box-office smash Total Recall yes this is the movie where muscle bad honest what’s naked go search of his past just a hint Arnold try looking in the closet like 48 hours I’m telling you what would Nick Nolte handcuffed to that cute little chocolate brown Eddie Murphy’s mmm 2 mins from different cultures learning to love one another and depend on each other’s for strong it was all male version of jungle fever just two words to describe another 48 hours scrumptious absolutely my favorite love stirring video is deliverance no this this is a film about love and camping but the movie really doesn’t start off until they meet up with them the dirty hillbillies who teach these myths about how to rough it in the great outdoors hmm just make me want to squeal like a pig now I’d like to talk about a film I’ve been anxiously awaiting to see great balls of fire I ain’t gonna touch it but the title alone gets two snaps up [Applause] hi I’m sure it’s available between you know before I learned how to exercise properly I was a poor excuse for a woman to look at those unsightly lumps of larvae Troodon for my sternum I was so weak and frail back then I couldn’t even tear a telephone book in half but I made that change and you can too so let’s get busy burning off those bothersome bazoo come on girls that’s gonna be full in the morning but it hurts so good and you know what they say no pain no gain [Music] [Music] [Music] see large be a cheer the Lakers in China then in July [Music] emissions even hurt me promised ever rich me Brown is our theme hi you must be Velma that’s right kid got a cigarette Johnny no I don’t smoke sorry stick around bright boy I’ll teach you a few things oh really well uh listen my name is actually Eddie Eddie Johnny kid bright boy it’s a big world out there what’s in a name listen my man Steve told me a lot about you said you’re a party girl you kind of old fashioned lies old lies I tell you Joe maybe I hung around with the wrong crowd and skipped Sunday school but I’m not as bad no you said good things about you said that you know besides you’re looking good he said that you know you worked at the five-and-ten got a job ski and um you know you like old movies sure I see a picture show now and again it helps to pass the time and your hearts been broken in so many pieces it feels as though you’ll never see the light of day hey uh why don’t we just talk all this over over dinner and some movies except Johnny you’re a sweet kid but don’t you see that never work I’m no good for you Johnny I’d be trouble from the word go hell my middle name is trouble but not you Johnny you’ve got a shot at something really big you’re gonna make something of yourself along decent man don’t you see we’re from two different worlds you’re real tough draw head of the list cream of the crop I’m nothing but a washed-up has-been working in a diamond saloon so that stone cottage with the white picket fence and the shady oak tree you stick around with me kid they’ll ruin your life just like they’ve ruined mine is it the black and white thing because you should have said that up front all right Johnny you forced me to sing it I hate you I better get out here because you can’t be hitting a brother like that now when we fought you had that I of the title and the edge and now you gotta get it back [Music] [Music] [Applause] in the Challenger Rocky [Applause] 35 me sexy [Music] [Applause] I’m scared [Music] for the foreplay rocket it’s gonna be your place or mine come on dre I got a wife you kid [Applause] slang [Applause] [Applause] I [Music] I phoned my by the depths of Hades what is that smell my gasps I will take you away from all of this my love I’ve crossed oceans of you spell crisis you could’ve just come I want you to be mine for all eternity listen you don’t know what you’re getting into cuz I’m telling you I’m just like a virus once I get in your system it’s hard to get me out I don’t want you to see me like this I just woke up let me put my face on time is of the essence you do not have to put on I want to take you as you are but if you wait you can have a quarter pounder with cheese but I want to show you things that you’ve never to see hey word up and I’m gonna show you things the scientist ain’t even saying you must hurry daylight will be upon us soon and I am a creature of them oh hey hold on a minute cuz I’m freaked 24 hours a day give yourself to me by the crack of dawn and we shall rule the world then grab a straw cuz he’s gonna drink it up it’s the season all that kind of stuff clap off and oh it’s going to find land ho I don’t need no Eddie Munster looking with the Whitter P be fake wearing funky breaths breathing coming into wrong window when you weren’t even invited with the random little taco looking like pee-wee Herman like he was on crack why we gotta be good I’m not good enough for you hey what are you going now don’t be a saint just cause you’re white boy I mean I don’t mind having a little cream in my coffee and if you act right I’ll do you like the bean you know what I do grind it up [Applause] the crucifix was repulsive what you don’t understand I’m a vampire I have to have blood oh okay then what kind of blood you need I got a negative or oh pardon I got to do also have mirrors I hate yeah you ain’t got to worry about that look mirror mirror on the wall oh my gosh look at the time I have to go sleep in my coffin told you I got you now let me wrap your underwear I give up you win but I have to do it with the window open I love it in the Sun too much for me I had this burner Chalisa girl yeah Birds another little girl I told you I’ll be rocking around all over the country hi boys and girls your friend pee-wee has been on a new adventure which is why it’s time to bite [Laughter] [Applause] this one’s even anatomically correct that’s right just like foo Manchu a new few dollars elastro despise the new peewee [Applause] lucky we can beat most anything except a bum rap so hurry on down to your local toy store and pick up the new peewee dog today always pull my string and on top I have the right to an attorney I have the right to remain silent yes it’s the little goofy dolphin suiza he was born as redstone on custom bail bond so sucker [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] and you know it [Music] hello everyone that our attention please I would like to thank you for coming and welcome you to my exhibit and tied in September feelings the first things now I’d like to draw your attention to as one am very proud and I call it Sun under my shoulders just a bad dream kids and high on your wake-up call shield rise from this vulgarity it’s time to act up what’s the matter with you it’s only a painting only a painting smoke screen smoke screen so the truth cannot be seen look at it from a little different perspective shall we give it a little twist bingo it’s a big old tush mood in your face we just like to see the exhibit Wow his and then makeup on your face very interesting little animals baby somewhere there’s a hamster you know with purple eyeshadows suffering and choking and falling off his wheel so you can look like Cleopatra they’ve affectionate I swear I am going to wake these people up today or my name isn’t curt syndrome this is intriguing I believe the word is evil people this will come in real handy when they redecorate hell fear the darkness the turn forces working within it it’s enough to make a nun go bald this represents man’s eternal quest to destroy the Alaskan king crab in his natural habitat matter it’s a big ugly eye that I hate it I’m getting in a sty I’ve seen better art in the bathroom at sizzler honey my nails in your face and what is it supposed to be that’s a light fixture shut out we’re sending out the wrong signals people what is this sculpture saying to the children is this what they have to measure up to hey kids you’re nobody unless you’re part of the hip torso crowd you know they’re lopping off their appendages [Applause] I’m not moving until this piece of dreck is destroyed or at least still is to discover it max is a beautiful piece of art I don’t care what you think of me handsome it’s my lunch well nice use of color and Composition what’s inside it’s beef thanks a lot what am i nuclear waste you people are really something gray to disappoint you but I am just not going to go away I am real I am significant and I’m going to make a difference excuse me does anybody belong to that moped out there yes gets me from A to B so what so somebody backed over it sorry well why don’t we just spray mitt and stick it on the wall it’ll be proof that I once existed silence of people it’s time to act up [Music] [Applause] extensive voice you’re all witnesses ponies one-stop carnival step right up step right up ladies and gentlemen step right up cool hi you a real clown no I’m your daddy that’s the class yeah what got to be a little girl can you make me a balloon animal sure told me once had little doggie just like this his name was panel man hit him Paulo my PA el oh man use the love the play fetch the stick yeah what a hot car came by and Reynold is back legs he ain’t no pal of mine no more oh sure let you go infest your man’s when I struggle to get by off minimum wage I don’t think so homey don’t play tit [Music] woodpeckers mr. cheese that’s a crowd mr. pickle would you learn if I am if I I used a check for this oh you won’t pay me with a check huh it had me standing lighted some dad back in a clown outfit degrading is shaming myself to cash your little penis huh I don’t think Oh [Applause] hi kids I’m home you clown everybody had some fun yeah which I want me to do [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] I fall down bust my skull open have my blood and brains lose out on the carpet so you can get a couple of cheap laughs huh I don’t think so homey don’t play tit I adore children I love being with them I I love taking care of them for me it’s it’s the next best thing to actually being a mother coming from 20th Century Fox v that rocks the credit a tale about a parent’s worst nightmare you know we’ve already interviewed several potential nannies for our children and since you weren’t referred to us by an agency we were wondering could you tell us what your qualifications are to be [Music] and I can but a few years ago during a crazy bodybuilding fad I had my uterus tobacco they wanted the perfect nanny she wanted the perfect family watch the girl to do you won’t be hungry anymore once if I’m lactating [Music] [Applause] [Music] you call that chuckling come on what are you doing just making myself a BLT they can laugh in my face how come you’re so nervous there’s something about the way I move you find distracting maybe what you need not the best bit [Applause] [Music] now you’re starting up he’s going on here I am NOT gonna let you steal my family but little did they know their nightmare had only begun the fist that watched the quake is the fist that rules the world [Applause] let’s kick it [Music] all right stop while I do up my laces this kind of thing happens every show yo I gotta learn how to tie a ball who’s your man Robert Van Winkle where’d you train up and rhymes with Winkle I’m white I’m capitalizing on a trend that’s currently rise and mix it with curly and Larry and mouth maybe never I’ll become richer with every endeavor I’m living large and my bank is stupid cuz I just listen to real rap and [Music] [Music] I’m a little teapot short and stout work it out yo I ain’t stupid I just stupid word to your mother excuse me ladies please do not be along there seems to be some sort of system malfunction my name is antar I’m a victim of society and an entity I will keep you company until the problem has resolved when on your voice hate your case well your honor okay last Wednesday I noticed we were running low on beer I go back to my freezer one of the finest fridges in Southern California man congestion sustained broad to you mr. Jackson I I wonder if you wouldn’t be so kind as to do the honors with the turkey hey I never done that with no turkey okay when I was he kept cheating on gobble gobble down he described a white silk scarf in your book the boys had a fondness for white silk scarves they’re good for all occasions why don’t you show me exactly what happens flesh out the details maybe he was all tied up naked and helpless and then what happened then my girlfriend [Music] [Applause] the policeman how you doing is that a times in your pocket I use its happy to see me oh hey look I wish I could see you but your voice is lovely but if you think the voice is Lucas move what do you see the whole package you going through right oh I love a freak – hey look why don’t you tell me what happened between you and Derek first I stripped down to my original was right by Victoria secretion god yes then i creeped up on him like i was the gorillas in the mist i got down on him like he was the helpless rep oh well baby what you’re dealing with here is a 357 look why don’t you make my day take off this blindfold let’s play a little show-and-tell what kind of hurt that’s my song show-and-tell just a game I’m gonna say [Applause] I wanted a freak I wanna be with a damn freak come on don’t you wanna bump uglies honey look like you took ugly face off first why are you tripping like that you know how to love bees love bees huh somebody left the cage open at the zoo that’s for damn sure I thought you gonna kill him and then you know what I’m gonna do what you yo world kill me you so problem all the time they always get nervous and stuff because they can’t handle this type of woman I’m two months from what we need to do is just relax out there then I’ll let you imagine what you’ve been missing [Applause] do [Applause] [Applause] I was gonna rock his we’re supposed to fly there close to the mountains god [Music] [Music] day 37 the food ran out two weeks ago our only hope for survival was to consume the other victims of the crash then this morning we saw a figure on the horizon at long last could this be oh my goodness what are you doing give me that but nice we’ll go eat it jack-in-the-box that’s what you get for eating Italian rose muscle haven’t you heard a mind is a terrible thing to taste it’s going to change your lives the Richard Simmons plan Emil system yes how work you eat a person from economy class for breakfast someone in coach for lunch and a sensible first class passenger for dinner you’re going to have to find passenger 57 see how easy it is oh who can be your friend but this food was my friend yeah get off those patooties it’s time to exercise I think I’m alone here I thought you were a big strong soccer team hey I got an idea come on let’s play a game you better try to stop me I almost forgot look I found a ThighMaster feel my buns turning to steel it sounded good to me now I am top and I’m like uh-huh someone’s combining fruits with their proteins never forgot what you did all the different he was a first hot meal we’d had in weeks hey Johnny the names Jimmy Jimmy Johnny Joey what’s in a name anyway give me a double-dip black and white don’t forget the cherry on there sherry have you dealt a dollar well I thought it would cost a quarter haha speaks I just spent my last buck at the picture show all right I’ll tell you what just give me the corner bring the rest when you come back okay you’re the greatest I was nothing and nobody a bum on the street but you came along and pick me up doesn’t me often turn me into something special [Music] lovely thanks a lot all right just enjoy your ice cream very much changement you can alright Johnny I could never repay you but after what you’ve done for me Johnny the two of us will be great together we’ll be thick as thieves like birds of a feather two days no path train to my Eglin train to Niagara slow boat to China shoddy I’d go to hell in a handbasket with you that’s enough hey yo yo Larry Larry let me take my break now man I’m out of here lady there’s help around c-kit wait don’t go I’ve got the double-dip blue which come at you please all the sprinkles [Music] [Music] we made a perfect harbor [Music] the Sun may set him up spoon start to so long Johnny see you in my dreams when I was a little girl I would pretend I was a princess trapped in the tower and then this night on a white horse would come charging out and rescue you tell me how to get to Beverly Hills sure for five bucks you can’t charge me for directions I can do anything I want to baby a month all right okay if you were charmed by pretty woman pretty woman starring champion female bodybuilder [Applause] no thanks maybe some other time [Music] Hawkins [Applause] [Applause] actually my place tomorrow morning [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] charge it [Music] [Applause] pretty warm on [Music]

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  1. That was cool with all those real clip segues since some of these skits may not be recognizable to everyone and a refresher to the rest.

  2. What a sad world we live in that today that this type of comedy like Men on Film is attacked
    SJW's make the world boring and no fun

  3. Anton and Men on Film – my two all time favorite skits on the show. I remember going to school Monday morning and imitating the characters all day

  4. Back when J-lo needed a name plate during her dance sequence for anyone to know what her name was lol. Not the best hair choice she used here but she's always been smokin hot eh.

  5. I couldn’t stop laughing. My stomach muscles actually aches. It’s been awhile since this show has been on. I can remember that my stomach muscles (BTW where quite a bit younger then) also ached just as bad. Wife and I loved this show!

  6. In the Rocky skit, I wonder if the writers knew the irony. Dolph "Ivan Drago" Lundgren got his start in films because he was Grace Jones bodyguard/bf.

  7. Dude! Thanks for this! My all-time favorite TV show. I still can't believe they took the funniest TV show ever off the air. Every one of these actors were so talented! I'm still laughing 🤣

  8. Thanks so much for posting this…!

    Odd question- the opening notes they used in the Alive II sketch at 34:52… I know I've heard that score before, but I'm mostly certain it's not Darude – Sandstorm. Mostly.
    Any ideas? Thanks so much!

  9. I grew up watching this . i wrote a song bout it ..wanna hear it here it goes. I grew up watching livin color ..and yes it was the shit.. Aaaaahaaaa thnk you ! Thnk you very much

  10. When the FOX Network put on hilarious comedy and told the humorless fuddy-duddies to go fork themselves!

  11. I member when i was a kid my brother and i would put on of our socks into the other and beat each other and say homie dont play that

  12. 15:40 Yep… that was J-Lo… that's how it all started… back-up dancing on In Living Color… now she's high and mighty… Jenny from the block my ass!

  13. Before James Carrey got into politics and lost his damn mind he was truly hilarious.18:45 and people think the illuminati aren't real.

  14. This is a classic!!! The '90s had some really great black owned/produced tv shows, unlike majority of tv shows today.

  15. at 15:40 you can catch Jennifer Lopez letting you know her career about to start and looking so fine at the same time.

  16. Omg I miss in living color! Please come back…..we need you! Especially Damon! I watched it when I was 30 and now at 60 I want it back! There is no comedy genius in today's world like there was then. Come on….a "In Living Color" remake with original actors….please! Even if it is just one episode!🥵😰😭🤪

  17. Haha to this day, I still say "menz" instead of men.
    I had forgotten where I even got it from!

    Thanks, Eric Thigpen for your wonderful work. I hit the YT recommendations jackpot today!
    Subbed and diving in!

  18. MadTV definitely had the better music parodies but In Living Color still rocked!!

    They basically paved the way for Mad to come and take it a step further.

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