Celebrating Inclusive Diversity at Allstate | Allstate Insurance

Diversity could be viewed as just giving
people a seat at the table, but I think inclusivity is actually giving those people
a voice—to contribute new ideas, innovative ideas, that will help shape Allstate for the future. It promotes a sense of fairness and it
promotes a sense of equality, that everybody is equal, everybody is respected. Everybody is recognized for the intellect
that they can bring to the table. I really just love the exposure to people
with different mindsets, different thoughts and abilities and the huge diversity of backgrounds. It’s putting yourself in someone else’s
shoes, seeing their perspective because that’s why we grow, it’s the only way we can. I’m African American, I’m a female,
I’m a veteran, I’m a parent. I have all those components in me so I’m
bringing my whole-self to work and when I’m allowed to participate in these inclusive
diversity events I can bring every part of me to the table. You bring your whole-self to work and that makes us stronger as a team member, an employee, and just human beings. By having a diverse workforce it enables
us to relate to and understand diverse communities that we are serving through our products and services. To make that connection to our customers more
directly. We put customers at the core of everything
we do and in order to execute on that it takes people. Our people need to know that they have a voice
at the table. If we can be open to everyone’s abilities
in making Allstate accessible, that’s really important in order that we can garner the best talent. I’ve been able to develop leadership
skills, project management, a lot of things which is really helping me toward what I want to do in the future. Promoting inclusive diversity, it boosts
morale. It makes you have a sense of belonging. You are more open to options and to growing in
both professional and personal levels and you also become more sure of yourself. Having a program is one thing, but actually
having an effective program that really drives results and has a tangible impact, it needs to permeate every level of the organization and that starts with the leaders. Encouraging diverse thoughts are hopefully
going to help us to encourage diverse talent to help us solve bigger problems, faster,
more efficiently, with different ideas. I’m very fortunate for the opportunity
Allstate has given me and I hope that I can continue to give as much as they’ve given
me. This is a huge organization, but you do
not get lost. This is a huge organization, but there is
so much for you. This is a huge organization, but you have
opportunities. It make a big company like this, seem like family.

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