Celebrating International Women’s Day 2015

[Text: Every year, the U.S.
State Department recognizes
women from around the world] [who have demonstrated extraordinary courage.] [These are the International Women of Courage, 2015.] [Rosa Julieta Montano Salvatierra:] All around the world [Marie Claire Tchecola:]In places like Guinea [Arbana Xharra:] Kosovo [Majd Chourbaji:] Syria [Rosa Julieta Montano Salvatierra:] Bolivia [Sayaka Osakabe:] Japan [Nadia Sharmeen:] Bangladesh [May Sabe Phyu:] Burma [Rosa Julieta Montano Salvatierra:] We face
challenges and crises [Marie Claire Tchecola:] We face disease [Arbana Xharra:] We face extremism [Sayaka Osakabe:] We face discrimination [Majd Chourbaji:] We face war [Nadia Sharmeen:] Women are uniquely affected by these challenges [Arbana Xharra:] But women are
also part of the solution [May Sabe Phyu:] For families, communities, and countries [Marie Claire Tchecola:] Women like me [Arbana Xharra:] Women like me [Majd Chourbaji:] Women like me [Rosa Julieta Montano Salvatierra:] Women like me [Nadia Sharmeen:] Women like me [Sayaka Osakabe:] Women like me [May Sabe Phyu:] Women like me [Nadia Sharmeen:] But we are not alone [May Sabe Phyu:] Many women and men stand with us [Arbana Xharra:] Women like you [Sayaka Osakabe:] Men like you [Marie Claire Tchecola:] People
like us [Text: We can change the world] [Rosa Julieta Montano Salvatierra:] For women and men [May Sabe Phyu:] For everyone [Majd Chourbaji:] For everyone [Nadia Sharmeen:] For everyone [Text: Department of State
United States of America]

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  1. I love this and I think all of us women should stick together – I pray we can no matter what. You are all my friends!

  2. As a woman, International Woman’s Day makes me want to hurl myself out a window. Morgan Freeman was right in opposing Black History Month (YouTube it – go ahead). I’m offended that women are so feeble minded that we need a designation boost your self-confidence day. Can we stop with the nonsense?

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