Celebrating International Women’s Day: Letters to Important Ladies

What’s up Western? For
International Women’s Day this year, the Western TV team
decided to get together to read and write some letters to
important women in our lives. Let’s check it out. Hi, Mama. Dear Sophie. Dear mom.
Dear Grandma, you’re the coolest person I know. To my younger sister: Morgan. Marge.
Morgs. Little Sis. Ya little shit. You get the point. Dear Mom, thanks for bringing me
fruit slices up to my room without me asking. To my cousin Teagan: you’re dope
as fuck. To my older sister Anoushka: thank you for never
failing to inspire and motivate me to be the best version of
myself. To my best friends: Happy
International Women’s Day. Dear Mom. Dear Kelly. Dear mom. Dear
mom. To my best friends, you guys know who you are. My message goes out to a woman
who has displayed and exemplifies strength in numerous
ways. Over the past five years of our
friendship, I’ve looked up to you as a role model and a best
friend. Even on my worst days, you guys
never fail to love me unconditionally. You laugh at my
bad jokes, and you keep my ego in check when I need it. So,
thank you. You’ve taught me so much about everything and I
never really expressed this, but your limitless support means the
world to me. The amount of respect I have for who you are
and what you do is immeasurable. Thank you for always giving, for
constantly making sure everyone was looked after, even if that
means giving me the whole pie when I only asked for a slice. Thank you for teaching me to
advocate for myself, and to fearlessly appreciate all that
life has to offer. I know I don’t get to see you very often,
but when I do, I’m surprised your face isn’t in pain from how
much you’re always smiling. From studying earthquakes in Costa
Rica to being a scientist in the coldest place in the world, you
never fail to amaze me. You inspire me to work hard, to
be confident, and to go after my goals because you set the
example. I think you’re the coolest person ever and I don’t
say it enough. She’s taught me to stand my ground. When
others are trying to bring you down. You must stand on your own
two feet, dig into the dirt with your own two heels and push
back. I know I don’t give you enough
credit, but you’re genuinely such an incredible sister and an
all around human being. Thank you for showing me what it
means to be empowered leaders, go getters, creative geniuses
and never failing to put a smile on my face. Thank you for being the person I
look up to the most. You’re the strongest woman I know. You have an attitude and presence that
I’ve always admired. You’re so funny. You really laugh. You’re
the bravest, most determined and most hardworking person I know. Please don’t forget to be as
kind to yourself as you are to others. Thank you for being my
guiding light, my cheerleader and my greatest role model.
have seen you hustle at all you interviews, put forward idea
for projects, even when you fac possible rejection, and alway
try to be better for the sake o your own team Your constant dedication to
giving me the best life possible has never gone unappreciated. You and Papa shared a love unlik
any other. You taught us wha it’s like to truly love and b
loved. I know that no matter ho much I mess up, I will alway
have a shoulder to cry on. love you and thanks for no
getting mad at me when I teas you for using your phone like a
old pe all the things you do, I think
it’s crazy how you balance everything I want to say thank
you for being the hilarious, fierce, resilient and kind
supporting sister that you are Your voice matters let it be heard. You have taught me so much about
what it means to truly care about others. And I’m so proud
to call you my sister. So I just wanted to say thank
you, mom for being there for me. Through all my life and for many
years to come. And I will see you at Ceeps t
morrow. I always know that I miss your
tons and keep living your best life at Berkeley. And thank you
for shaping me into a woman that I’m proud to be today. I love you. You’ve shown me what
it means to live a life of kindness, generosity, and
appreciation. Rest in peace. I lo I love you. And at the bottom, I
wrote ” I’m mom’s favorite.” I’m really proud to call you my
om. I hope I can be half the pe son you are one day. Love
our favorite daughter. Love, ri. Keep doing what you’re d
ing sis. Love, Love Felipe. Love, Cam. I love
ou so much and I feel so lucky o know you. Happy Int
rnational Women’s Day.

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