Celebrating ‘JA’MIE: Private School Girl’

Hi, my name’s Jame I used to be Jamie, but I added the apostrophe in e-rate. I’m 17 years old. I live in Sydney Australia and I’m a private school girl where the most expensive girls As well, yeah, that was the Asian factor Hope it’s pretty much known for having the hottest girls in the halls to me It’s like annoying thing like you people if you guarded hillford people like oh my god, you must alright Yeah, I’m not even bragging but me and my friends are all pretty much caged like you couldn’t have been looking at it And if you don’t know Katia’s the way that I made out means it basically means hot, but like it’s a step above hard That’s like more than just I’d say basically Katia’s hot to the point where you won’t have sex Like that’s hot and then this case I’ve got a sort of fat jane in my family like a lot of my audience of really fat but as long as I’m really Good at spa. It keeps me really asleep. Yeah. Yeah, that’s why I’m Rubbing together from fat then you need to think about what you’re eating The fact that you’re never gonna be Kate, I’m good at a lot of dogs. I’m good at sport Balance no the Performing Arts. I’m really good at performing art. I love it. I really really love it here I’m basically what I like to say because my name’s Jame. I like to say I’m Jim easing and caring and giving yeah Yeah, I’m really caring like I’m really good at raising money for the less fortunate You know I like we go around the playground quite a lot and I sort of have an ability to I was like get money out of people Everyone thinks I’m really nice. I’m gonna get a photo of the Asians And I think of school captain that’s a really good thing for me to be the ambassador of like niceness. Hello I’m gonna grab it. I’m gonna hashtag fried rice I’m friends with pretty much everyone. How random is your banana? Hey borders, like you know on farms, do you have to have like a license to drive a tractor? Like I seriously wanna know do you have tiny tits for any particular reason tonight? First of all, why the fuck are you looking at my tits? Anyway proof that you’re a lesbian and secondly shut the fuck up or I’ll give you a Friday detention Right and the Badger mates teeth. Yeah. Yeah. The reason they’re small is because I had an eating disorder So it’s not exactly a laughing matter. Okay? fucking I miss the Year sevens of throwing food and stuff. Sorry. Don’t worry. I’ll sort it out I’ll get him to clean it up. All Right see miss His sevens get up Gone fucking clean up the milk joint throw food around Hurry up, I’m the school captain son like the boss of the whole school and this is my team my place back Fine off and in your locker you’re on school ground write a name down. What’s your name three warnings and you get a Friday? no wristbands and coffee on school grounds This is the prefect room, so this is like the room where Isis prefix chill out. It’s a pretty much only sign Excuse me. Can you get away from the preeminent rants move away from the entrance? We all have the prefect promise such may mate arms. Yeah Basically, the prefect promise is like a promise that we’ll all like stick together as prefect No matter what happens, like any bad stuff the guards down then yeah, we’ll be there for each other like for example Like if one of us got to pressure and wanted to like kill themselves, then we as part of the prefect promise We’d probably all kill ourselves. Yeah, like I didn’t know that’s not extreme Singing getting my modeling agents call the school and say sure, you know, if you’re gonna use me and stuff then at least what if You’re making money out of my image and there’s this random thing that happens where girls like some of the younger girls what photos Yeah I know I’m case bags Shell it doesn’t suit me. I’m you later. Well, I’m sort of like the mother hen in the grave Yeah, like I have to look after my little chick They getting this like sculpture thing out the front and they’re getting some really famous sculpture gotta do it I mean it’s sort of like represents like the ultimate hillford go. Yeah Well, I’m announced you have the day that the hillford medal winner is gonna be the girl that’s in the sculpture Hey Oh my god, you look sorry good I’m gonna do everything. I’m thinking maybe like I don’t want to do that like walking I Saw the dance, I reckon the gist is great, but we’ve got to be careful that in delivery. There’s nothing inappropriate With uniforms, I want them done up now There is to be no Undergarments seen at any time The other thing is we need to get rid of some of those more risqué dance movements off to class quick Let’s go. We won’t do it again, sir. Make sure you don’t we wait Right, sir Sir say why are you looking at my bra? Sake I told you fucking 3:10, not three. Oh fucking seven Madison. The liver is staying or We’ll take the fucking Well, if you didn’t talk to me while I was trying to drive there wouldn’t be any shit You’re gonna cause nuts then fucking hell. I’ve just got an idea. Let’s have a massive party here Daddy Can I have a party like just us girls this Friday suppose? or art Uncondition. Yeah, why did you focus on your studies off to it? Yeah. What about oh my god, we can do it. Yes Oh my god, and um, no, I don’t roll out and you got to up stops it hold on Have you guys heard what I’m calling the party I’m calling it the perfect prefect party Everyone to the party Well, everyone except Asians and boarders. Obviously. What about Asians like Rachel Luna the regiment? Um, she’s caught out put your phone away You’re on school grounds. Okay, I’ll give you fried if I say it again. I Love dance. It’s like the best object ever. It’s like I love my class very much My dad’s taller is such a big deal it’s worth like 50% of my overall dance marks where I’m focusing a lot of attention on All the other thing I want to do is like modeling next year like focus on modeling and the theme of my dance solo is like the Turmoil of like wanting to do modeling as well as my charity staff John the means are like the kind of anguish going on in My head about you know, what do I choose and I just express that turmoil through dance This is the hottest we are ever gonna look in our lives girls and I’m a fucking a cop You’re the hottest girl and you 12, you know, you are. I know I am but I just don’t like having small tears it is my So obviously, that’s me. It’s self-portrait. The paintings called me me me 2.1 And I’m thinking of going for like mmmm a but the third me being in capitals. They’re just the title I’m trying to be a bit photo realistic. So like I want people to see it and be like, is that actually a photo? Jenamae, so it’s all like I don’t know anatomically, correct. You do only have one nostril though Yeah, because it’s the perspective me it’s the other ones. They’re Kind of you’d never see both nostrils. You’re always like that. Oh Yeah when it comes to guys I’m the one in my group that knows the most about guys like I know how to get what I want I have a way of being able to like draw guys in like number one rule when you with a guy be yourself Don’t be fake guys hate it You crack me up so much Seriously guys love it when you tell them everything they want to know what you’re all about I still like have like a full eating disorder and I nearly like drown myself Once in the bath guys are really attracted to visual stuff. They want to try before they buy Sorry, get up. There show them what you can do Let him see how your body moves let it be really fandom if like I showed you a dance that I’ve been working on. Yeah What is going on she’s trying to impress that guy with slutty Dan Spanish Jamie your language plays your school captain, you know Kwami the African. Yeah Yeah last night. He sends me a dick pic And it’s really obviously it’s like I feel like I should send him a So what I thought I do was get an actual poverty out of their community and do something like really compassionate for them Are you just loving having all the girls around? Something he might I’ll ask you um Kwame I shared the girls with dick clutter that you sent me He’s loving it as you well know during my time as a committed charity worker I have demonstrated compassion to the less fortunate Boys of the world with myself devise charity program a boy in need is a boy indeed I would now like to introduce to you. My latest project Kwami He’s from Uganda it’s in Africa and he’s really adult So, this is the Oval and this is like where all the things hang out except Asians Basically the hotter and more important you are the closer to the center of the oval. So we’re dead center. Mommy I’m Erin, welcome to hillford Yeah, I look forward to hearing more about your country and about all the hardships and stuff Okay girls to enjoy the rest of your day Um, can you not talk to him cuz he doesn’t really understand you he only understands me so I don’t even bother I think Bobby’s here. OMFG. That was sorry fucking random. Oh my god Fucking psycho go away and stop trying to fuckin cash in of my Africa Bye-bye As I look back on my education and all that I have verse Evidence of my life destination and fly like a bird The bitchiness that I notice is because my cycles of jealousy that sort of thing gals wanting to be like me and selves It’s like my friends at moment like this. So shallow join me. It’s like all about how they look and oh my god I’m so hot It’s like I’m sorry over that like I want something deeper Can’t believe how low it has a stripe to hang out with these skanks Seriously, I’m like totally faking it. I am NOT gonna fucking see the school counselor you bent mama Please get me out of here. You could be fucking out my hair by now. Are you wearing makeup? Maybe get it? Ah, I’m still full captain look like a fuckin underaged. Russian prostitute No one fucks with me and gets away with it. By the way. Are you wearing that cuz you look like a cancer patient Good shot mom I Know check him out It’s more me looking at me right now Anyway, let us love being a rebel from what I’ve heard This is a recording of a Skype conversation in which your breasts are exposed. The young man’s genitals are out He’s playing with himself. You are in your full school you inform any other semen school song, is that correct? Well, I haven’t seen the video I love your beds, but you’re afraid shut up and you have to show me this video You’re not figured tails, but I want to see him doing this thing. I love you Yeah, cool. I love you too, Oh instead we’d be in your room in your bed Okay. Well, that’s not gonna happen anyway, so it’s Okay your keys. That was really weird Okay, well it’s getting rapey and there must be some hot girls like your style around here I love you so fucking much um, cool eyebrows your door and Yeah, cool. Can you cards? Can you please come over? Yeah, that’s cool. I promise might be on skype for a while cuz I’m banned from using it because my dad’s Bamie so Chats whenevs or not for a while. Okay. Catch you later It’s like they’re really probably but it’s sort of luckily fear. I’m kind of They’re not eating

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