Celebrating Jonathan Perry’s Career Milestone!

– JP’s a type of guy that
no matter what happens, he’s just always finding a way. – He believes that with enough work ethic, anything can be accomplished. – He’s an incredible leader. He really cares about his people. – He brings heart to
everything that he does. – He’s caring. – Resilient. – Ambitious – Competitive. – There’s so many words. – He’s the man with the
plan and he does it all. – He’s solid as a rock, he
does things the right way, and it’s my great pleasure
to promote Mr. Jonathan Perry to Organizational Consultant. – I’ve daydreamed and
dreamt about this promotion for so many years. It’s somewhat surreal to finally get here. You have to have amazing work ethic. If you’re not where you want to be, ask yourself could you be working harder? – The reason JP’s guys
continue to follow him is because they know he’s
going to honor his commitments. He has a genuine concern
that they have a great life. – He doesn’t really need the lime light. In his mind it’s all about, “How do I help my people? How
do I get my people better?” – He does all of this in
business to be successful, but he also is a family man. He balances it all with ease. – One mistake I made is don’t compare yourself to other people. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Some people are gonna
go faster than others. It doesn’t matter. – A lot of people assume
that if you’re a consultant and you’re on stage that you
were Rookie Manager of the Year or that you got the Top Leader pin at your regional conference. To be honest, that’s not always the case. Ordinary actions can produce
extraordinary results if you do it consistently enough. – He has a certain creativity, a different way of looking at things and finding solutions
and finding innovation. – He’s very persistent. He’s had ups and downs in the business. He just called his shot and he hit it. – Words cannot express
how proud I am of him. This is just a milestone. – I see Jonathan leaving
a legacy for our family. He’s going to give back
and do great things. – I love you, daddy.
– I love you, daddy. – Whatever he wants out of life, I’ve got every bit of confidence
in the world he’ll make it. – He has a great heart, cares for people, he’ll always do the right thing. – He’s always striving to
make our campaigns better and I think other consultants
are gonna learn from him, too. – When I think about where
we have to take the company, where we want to take the company, I think of JP helping us get there. – To me, the sky’s the limit. He’ll just keep pushin’ and pushin’. – He’s not gonna stop until he
hits his goal that he wants. – He’s a person that will
be there till the end.

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