Celebrating Latino Leaders: Ingrid Canady (2019)

My name is Ingrid Canady and I am the
executive director for the State Education Resource Center or SERC we
are a quasi public entity if I was to summarize we provide professional
development and resources to educators across the state in our vision and
mission is about equity excellence in education and we do that through the
collaboration that we have with the State Department of Education (Increasing Cultural Consciousness) In the United States the shade of our
skin give us access or not in many cases we want to talk about it but we don’t
know how so in the educational environment SERC serves as a conduit to
begin to engage on courageous conversations and how those
conversations lead to practices in our classrooms lead to educators being
culturally responsive and culturally conscious about the decisions they are
making about our about their students and when we look at demographically how
our nation has changed and we we see being our Latino it is the
fastest-growing demographical group and the schools are seeing it the nation is
seeing it so we want to make sure that we are providing support for our
educators and our learning communities or how do we best serve all students
keeping in mind the students that are coming into the classrooms in some cases
not speaking English be coming in with an amazing set of assets from their own
culture so how do we capitalize with all that (Battling Colorism Within the Latino Community) I had the opportunity to meet with the
Progreso Latino Fund by an invitation that I received to do a session for them
when I learned what they are trying to do specifically about their forums on
leadership I immediately the response was immediately yes and I remember the
way in the first session when I did and it was about creating how do we begin to
engage in these courageous conversations at the level of our own Latino community
because we’re in our own community exists that division and it comes
associated with colorism our skin colors in our own communities we see it (Progreso Latino Fund: Supporting Community Leadership) I’m a strong believer on shared
leadership so this is not about positional leadership it’s about
individual leadership if I as a member of the community, I get the information
that they’re providing, I connect, I network, I leave that session empowered
knowing that I am part of a community group that is willing to engage in these
conversations and support my growth through these conversations and is right
there to provide the resources and the information that I might seek in order to
be able to advocate on behalf of our community on behalf of our children and
on behalf of our families the most that we can do to go in that direction I am
taking that train and I’m not getting off because that’s where exactly what we

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