Celebrating Lemony’s 7th Birthday | Domingo Fam 2020

Wuhoi Wuhoi and welcome back to Domingo Fam 2020. In this video, we celebrate. It is my 7th Birthday! Where is you kuya(brother)? Where is kuya? Can you find him? Where is your kuya(brother)? I can hear him. [in filipino] He’s not here Ok Lemony what day is today? – My 7th birthday! – so how old are you? -seven Hello Griffin! So what will you say to Kuya? Say Happy Birthday to Kuya! Happy Birthday! [Happy Birthday Song] Blow the candle! -Yay! mommy will help you other side Ok then down -I’m gonna open it it looks like poop inside *laughs -looks yummy! I was saying that now I got 13 foods that I like because I got 12 foods that I like and that one called pasta… the one that mommy cooked. I got 13 foods that I like now! Is it yummy? -yes Thank you for watching this video. Subscribe to Wuhoi for more of these and other new shows. Please don’t forget to like, share, and comment if you have any suggestions. New Domingo Fam 2020 episodes and other Wuhoi Vlogs are uploaded on Youtube and Facebook every Monday at 2 PM. Thank You and Wuhoi Ahoy! Time to sleep, Griff. C’mon! What’s your name? -Gri-ffin! Say daddy! -daddy Mommy! -mommy
Say Kuya! -kuya Say Lemony! -Lem’ny Say Griffin! – griffin Say Coraline -Cora High five with Kuya!

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