Celebrating LGBT+ History Month

We support equality and diversity as an institution by equipping our students and staff to challenge discrimination at every level so that nobody has the excuse of being a bystander At the Union we have our advice service, this is our advice team and they hold drop-ins for all students, our community members have equality diversity and inclusion training and we’re also very passionate about ensuring students are included. We take visibility of LGBT role models and allies really seriously to create belonging. We take normalizing LGBT diversity really seriously so that people feel safe we celebrate each and every student and member of staff that comes here regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation because each and every one of them matters. So this February 2020 we just wanted to make sure that our events were just as inclusive as possible we had conversation from the students as well as our staff teams. So we have activities football versus homophobia, a match that’s going on, we also have debates and we also have parties just to go off the celebration aspect that we’re going on. Also we’re going to a national pride in London. I know that’s very impressive. So we were just really mixing the kind of activities that we have just listening to the students as well was most important, how they wanted to be celebrated. We understand that coming to university can be a very challenging time for a lot of students and staff yeah, so we at the union were just really committed to supporting students on their journey what ever that may look like.

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