Celebrating Life’s Journeys

(Upbeat Music) Whether you are a cancer survivor
or if you lost a loved one, this whole weekend and this plane are to honor those stories. This is so amazing. So excited.
So proud. Once again, the wonderful American Airlines
tells our story for us At American Airlines we’re fighting
for our customers, we’re fighting for our team members who
are here with us – many of you who shared
their special stories today. Alright everybody –
ready to get this party started? (CHEERS) (Upbeat Music) We are going to be
starting a fun game. I’m telling you, there’s
some amazing prizes. Now for some comedy. My sister, her name’s Nyela –
which means ‘one who succeeds.’ Marina, that’s me, means
a place where you dock boats. (Laughing) The Hyatt Regency brand,
we’re super excited to be hosting you for a sunny Florida weekend. Look where we are today –
whether they’re journeys you choose or the ones that life takes us on, we’re so grateful that
American Airlines is with us for both. We want you to know you’re not alone – we’re all committed to this cause and thank you for being a part of
this really special weekend.

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