Celebrating ‘Little Britain’

[Music] Britain is a democracy where any citizen can become Prime Minister today the Prime Minister Michael Stevens is proving very popular in the polls morning Prime Minister actually we have something to tell you I’d like you to issue a press statement confirming that Sarah is pregnant and three months gone and well bumps beginning to show whatever so is that it or is that something important you need to discuss well I thought it would be quite a big story this morning and I’d like you to handle it Oh Chief Whip excuse me so it’s definitely here is it Emily and Florence are transvestites hello can I help you ladies yes I’m getting married and I would like to purchase a dress please fiance no for me I am a lady oh yes and we require a bridesmaid’s dress for my young lady friend here Florence yes I’m innocent excited I’ve never been a bridesmaid before really 15 send him in [Music] I’ve had a call from the people at Burnside yes ten where he won’t hurt you [Music] [Music] today well why don’t you try this and I have a great time at brownie Camp Ellie grace but I really get a Mickey mom because I love you so much I love you too Ellie grace I love you more than gummy bears I love me more than puppy dog I love you more than smile I love more than raindrop I love you more than transsexual pouring mr. Ellie grace where did you hear that Julia’s older brother said he thought him on the Internet Oh Teddy van this mommy on a site called chicks with dicks calm you better get on the bus before it leaves I’ll be crazy I love you more than kittens I love you boy they ride eh I love you more than cotton candy it’s five past Alberto and at fat fighters the meeting is just beginning anyway welcome craving foods do we get cravings of Tanja start us off chocolate chocolate okay fish and chips thirds again fish and chips fish and chips not be some little dish that we don’t get over here it’s half past mr. earnest and Duke we and blue an Andean on their way home from the shops yeah really nice like that I’ll see you later yeah this patios gonna look lovely you’re gonna be able to sit here in the summer and thumb babe nearly finished oh my god is now oh no you can’t go in it now it’s got a driver ah welcome to searches my name is carol like would you like a son searches lale yes please haven’t gotten a little fat puffer death Thomas has finally found a vocation in life evening yeah I get with the program if another Bacardi and coke please my phone where me night I wish there were more things for gay people to do around yeah it’s so lonely being the only gay in the village hmm it’s for my new job yes yes I have become a rent boy that’s like my family I got the looks I got the body I’m a young gay guy why shouldn’t I just go for it excuse me are you Scott oh yes quite what I expect him but they’ve had in our days how much for a good hard shag look I only hold hands on a first date bloody time-waster whoo I think I better give me another Bacardi and coke please move on me Scott just over there [Laughter] it’s a little bit chilly today isn’t it mr. doggy oh yes mommy mommy needs to buy mr. donkey a little doggie coat to keep mr. doggy nice and warm oh yes mommy that would be wonderful I do love you so much and I love you too mr. doggy take off your clothes excuse me I said take off your clothes no mr. doggy it’s cold and you’re not allowed to take your clothes off in public oh they take you away and lock you up I said take them off now listen mr. doggy mummy’s had quite enough of your silly ideas you’re gonna get mummy into trouble take them up No if you love me you do it well very quickly then this is awfully embarrassing you’re happy now no go and stand in the trash certainly not I won’t tell you again [Laughter] it’s just what you wanted why on earth would anyone want you to do that lady you’re out of your fucking mind she’s one crazy bitch in darkly noon as though enthusiast Vicky Pollard has left Harper kids at home as she begins her first day at work wait there just be a few hours they could give me baby balls [Music] you must be Victoria yes an hour ago I couldn’t because we was all at McDonald’s because J McGuire really fat says the spooky words that could lead cherry who used to go to our school and he’s done like the best of everyone in his you are cheese already in bed he should be fine if he wakes up donut in watch cartoons yes you’ll settle better if you read him a book what I hope you don’t mind me asking but have you looked after children much before oh my god I can’t believe you just said that shut up I’m like well good with kids because once me and Carrie Delaney was that the broad baited Center and she had one of them babies well you don’t even know you’re pregnant and it comes out shut up it was well graphic oh yeah shout out that kids myself so just back out to the vets keep the change mm-hmm no yawning from you [Laughter] [Music] you even buy ads actually if you’re right about the aquas to get the more fat think I D anyway I am actually quite busy at the moment trying to go up with this blue actually if you don’t mind that to me get out get out of my house they worried we’re doing this point that well dad anyway and I thought you’re poor news you’re doing bastard yeah not to do next chief Dave you want I just wondered if you know what the deadline is for the Sylvia Plath essay aren’t her poems wonderful she always seems a bit down in the dumps bones sorry I just need to know when the deadline is I’m not sure Martin or no Martin its Linda I’ve got Molly Spencer here once know when the platter say is doing Molly you know Molly lovely brown hair quite petite almost very pretty looks like she’s balancing a malteaser on her face yeah you want to go careful there’s a beyond yeah then you realize that’s right Molly the mole it’s Thursday that’s the problem is it yeah and there aren’t any copies of the Female Eunuch left in the library so I can’t really write the essay oh well laughs I’ve got a copy here great but that’s mine I don’t want to lend it out Marcy may have one in his office Martin its Linda I’ve got a student here wants to know if he can borrow your copy the Female Eunuch Steve you know Steve he’s got a beard quite tall looks like he’s just stepped out of the shower I think Carmen Miranda without the fruit that’s right Ali Bongo was going to be a quiet day anyway we only had two passengers booked into first class and the passengers in question have just cancelled which is a dreadful shame hi penny did you get the message yeah such a pretty big cancel no no no no no the message about helping is that an economy piss off he hasn’t had to work in economy for 20 years but today she has no choice when you draw back the curtain the first thing that really hits you is the stench and it’s the stench of the working man I mean they’re virtually like Apes you know so if you if you come at them with some food they stop look at you what a cutie it’s just three months oh he’s beautiful oh look at you who’s a handsome wee fella look at you mmm I just need to put him in the overhead Locker not an I told you before this has spawning trouble the manager is keen to have a word with one of the guests come on Tom darling I have an hours your apple tree yes about this situation you’ve been with us for over five months now we still haven’t received anything it’s outrageous cause my husband’s still not sent the check no I’m afraid not we can’t seem to track him down never tried them on the Monte Carlo number darling no I don’t have it never got a pen darling the number is one two three four five six seven eight nine okay this is my turn now dolly oh sorry darling see whatever person would you lock the door I’m over here please I have something rather private but I need to show you yes something quite sensitive it could be potentially very explosive sir I want it so bad it’s this file oh yes it’s file you [Applause] is that everything yes want to get up no it is to be your final night as a single ladies that’s right Florence my lady friends but I’m getting married in the morning to a man so I suppose if any man should wish to take advantage of me on my one final night of freedom they should speak up now yeah I’m gay get over it this library now has its own gay and lesbian including bisexual section taffy I don’t know whether you’ve ever been past travel but we do have quite a popular gay section what come on Dee what the hell are you excited about your first sleepover Ellie grace oh yes mommy but anyway I’ll be sad too because I’m gonna miss you I do love you Ellie great iw2 I love you more than teddy bears I love you more than deadly Steve I love you more than sugar kisses I love you more than jumbo I love you more than pink blossom I got you beat Ellie grace yeah yeah I love you more than double-headed dildo is nice how only times must I tell you you are not to mention such rude things especially not in front of the twins and their momma I will never have you over again yes mommy the girls were just hot playing in the yard Jenny thank you so much for having us I’ll pick her up tomorrow at 9:00 for her ballet class great we’ll see you then hey girls don’t you look pretty yeah now be good at League race and remember what I told you okay bye mom I love you more than Betty rabbit no we’re not playing that game I love you baby Babbage I love you more than cheesecake I love you more they tell applause I love you more than birthdays I love you more than homemade cookies I love you more than anal beads [Laughter] [Applause] it was watching this film last night Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and I was really wanting to visit the island of kefalonia where they filmed it computers now if you’re a film fan I can tell you where they film Midnight Express thank you I got a two-for-one deal want to canoe in shit where they film deliverance city the locals are very friendly thank you can you put your hands over your mouth when you cough please that’s disgusting I’d like around the world cruise please leaving in March returning of September a traveling first class for about 700 pounds computers yes last week I asked you all to bring in a picture of yourself not looking at your best so acts as an incentive next time you’re reaching for that slice of cake will I take those away like that way yeah ah like tick okay let’s have a look at these pictures oh can you dim the lights please oh yeah now that we know where any rustling this is not an excuse to eat the first photo then New York did you pick out when you were there you know what it’s like when you’re on are they yeah we that’s why you’re here pal because you cannot control your binge eating oh excuse me for a moment fat fighter [Laughter] [Music] that’s a that blew my nose and now because it’s only fair here’s the picture of me not looking at my best lost a bit of weight think there’ll be a Jay last week I purchased a new camera and whilst in my office in the House of Commons I accidentally took a picture of myself naked that picture somehow and I would love to know how found its way onto gaydar which I later discovered to be a dating website for sodomites basically you pay a flat fee post your stats online I was then invited to join a group of gentlemen at a party in Brighton where I was playing to give a talk about education reforms however shortly after my arrival my clothes accidently fell off I slipped on a glass a cherry and landed inside one of the men it’s two hours into the flight to Florida and pani is struggling to come to terms with her new environment the noise the people there’s only one word to describe them savages ladies and people of cattle class may I have your attention please I have just returned from an inspection of the onboard convenience and one of you has left it in a revolting State who didn’t flush come on it was someone who had the mushroom risotto hands up if you had the mushroom risotto this whole frightful situation would never occur in first class people in first class don’t forget to flush they’re very diligent flushes and if they do it doesn’t matter because their stools are perfectly formed an odor free what you do know now Pat should tell punch among and of betcha [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] excuse me I just want to but can I have a I’m now joined by the voices of ABBA and yet her and Freda how does it feel to be icons I don’t really like here no I’m talking no I’m really not too keen it seems that every time I’m telling on a television there’s some dude dressed as me I like it when they do me yeah it’s a little probably to some drag queen dresses you don’t think it is yeah kind of flattering though Leo I’m sure did these guys often look a lot better in your clothes than you ever did you alternated between being the lead vocalist today never caused any confusion no I was the lead vocalist in our I mean don’t get me wrong Fred here either whatever or was the backing vocalist but I don’t think anyone ever saw her as a full-time member of the world but they did oh you were just there was window dressing around me at the star and it worked good you there’s any chance of a nebari you know I’m really a very private person after Abbas flirt I retired from public life I’m really very camera shy oh you’ve certainly made up for that today how about you freed up in implants well I’m currently working on a new album or cheese and firewood the world horns is brown [Music] I don’t speak out of turn but do you perhaps have the slightest crush on me I just wanted to say well done well done

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  1. Ahhhhh I bloody loved this show!!! Iโ€™m so proud to be British ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†โค๏ธโค๏ธ

  2. Please air on a loop ๐Ÿ˜…
    The offended, liver lilied, marshmallow spined snowflakes of England have lost their sense of fun and humour up their own PC arses ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. 8:25 this is either the most awkward or the most fitting boner i've ever had in my life. Don't know how to feel about it but i know what i'm doing now

  4. Ya know I don't think that many people would get offended if this was put back on TV. I myself am a bisexual teen and an advocate for lgbt, race, religion and gender equality but I love this show. I've grown up with this show.

  5. Canโ€™t wait to watch Little Britain again best ever you guys are amazing funny I love it and I canโ€™t wait for it to come back on TV we miss you guys ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  6. Itโ€™s a funny share is about individuals equal itโ€™s a comedy show itโ€™s itโ€™s for everybody itโ€™s a brilliant show and it should be brought back ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  7. it's not irony, it is anti women and racist junk…insensitive, mainly to some serious issues…stereotypes are always an easy target for the brain dead…go watch a soap.

  8. it's just fucking toffs sneering at the working classes. fucking lazy posh twats never done a real day's work in their lives.

  9. "iF oNlY pEoPlE tOdAy wErEn'T sO eAsIlY oFfEnDeD"
    like bruh in the 1940's people would get offended if poc drank from the same water fountain. about 30 years ago people thought horror films would bring about the corruption of young minds.
    political correctness not an issue of today boomer.

  10. "FISH AND CHIPS". must be some sort of dish that we don't get over here

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