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  1. I like that they have chosen ode to joy for the ending, when all the sharing buttons appear. This perfectly matches Slavoj Žižeks interpretatation of the meaning of this song: Everybody united in brotherhood bla, bla…but who is excluded?
    Check out his brilliant commentary:

  2. Εὐχαριστῶ καὶ μόνον ποὺ μᾶς τὸ θύμισες. Τὰ ἆλλα εἶναι εὐνόητα.

  3. the most important link was forgotten (the one where you get to do the puzzles): https://www.google.com/doodles/celebrating-ludwig-van-beethovens-245th-year

  4. adoro betovem a e já joguei na enternet tava quase chegando de herdada na vida real o aniversário dele o betovem

  5. Why does this person doesn't know anything about Ludwig van Beethoven's 245th birthday google doodle game? Can this person read music? So dumb!

  6. Merci pour l'ode à la joie à la fin. J'ai détesté le reste ! Sans parler de ces scènes qui ridiculisent Beethoven.

  7. why can't you celebrate something not hipster and quit shoving this artsy-fartsy shit down our throat? how about Heavy Metals birthday or Football?

  8. Happy Birthday LEONARND bernstein & music loverswherever you are I hope there are good acoustics. Namaste, searthlings whoappreciate, remember & still listen

  9. I have been studying music theory and three instruments for over 4 years and seeing some weirdo putting double bar line at the second meter triggers me…. like even with the 5th symphony the easiest of the pieces, it failed to understand a single meter…. I am very annoyed and irritated right now. This doodle is for musicians only but even a 10 y.o. can recognize the use of the double bar line. Very bad, I'm sorry…

  10. he was so good he didn't even need to listen or see the music – he felt its omnipresence as it flowed through him. Basically, I'm calling Beethoven a member of the Jedi Master council of music. Now the better question is who is Anakin? (or lil'orphan Annie)

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