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Welcome back ,if you’re new here my name
is Hannah and I make weekly videos here on YouTube and I post art and bullet
journaling things over on my Instagram and Facebook. For today’s video I wanted
to talk about Lammas or Lughnasadh which is a Wiccan Sabbat or holiday that’s coming
up on February 1st for those of you in the southern hemisphere. If you’re up in
the northern hemisphere then you might be celebrating Imbolc at the moment. Because Wicca is a nature-based faith I personally like to make sure that the
Sabbat I am celebrating aligns with the cycles and the seasons that they
represent. If you’ve never heard of Wicca before I will leave some videos from
some other youtubers down in the description below that do explain the
basics of what it is and what kind of things
Wiccans follow. Lammas is celebrated between Litha which is the peak of
summer also known as midsummer and Mabon which is celebrated at the autumn
equinox. At this time summer will soon be coming to an end the days are getting
shorter and Autumn is on its way but the days are still hot and we can still
enjoy the warmth of the Sun while it’s here. Lammas is all about the start of the
harvest season the first grains are harvested at this time and late summer
fruits are ready to pick so those are things like peaches and apples. Lammas is
a time of abundance and also a time of gratitude in older times we soley
relied on our own harvests and agriculture to eat and sustain ourselves
throughout the year and so grains became sacred at this time and that’s why we
see them symbolized throughout Lughnasadh celebrations Unfortunately this year barely any of
the vegetables that we planted have survived due to the extreme heat here in
Australia so I won’t have anything to harvest myself at Lammas but instead i
will be focusing these same themes into other areas of my life that i can be
thankful for. Some things that you can do to celebrate Lammas is by baking
bread I’ll be making some gluten-free banana bread. You can decorate your altar
with seasonal flowers crystals and candles, You can use things like
sunflowers and peonys and crystals like citrine, clear quartz and tiger’s eye and you can
make corn dollys. You can make these out of wheat and barley or you can make
them out of corn husks which is what I will be doing and then you can use these
for rituals later on in the year. Something that I do every Sabbat is
spending time outdoors to connect back to nature I do spend a lot of time
outdoors anyway but it’s definitely a lot more intentional at the Sabbats. As
I said before wheat is a sacred grain which is why I decided to do a painting
of some golden wheat for this painting and I also decided to do it in a more
warm tone palette because Lammas does have a heavy focus on the sun-god and
the things that the Sun God has brought us. I’ll be putting this painting up in the
altar instead of putting actual wheat and then I’m also going to be using the
painting in my bullet journal for February. Just to run over the supplies
that I used I use the Paolo De Eraldo watercolor paper 300 GSM
I used my Gansai Tambi Watercolor palette. I used some fineliners and my
uniball signo white gel pen to do the outline and for the wheat I did just use
some some gold paint that I got from Kmart If you celebrate Lammas or Lughnasadh or if
you’re celebrating Imbolic at the moment please let me know what you’re doing in
the comments below I’d love to see what you guys are up to and what you do to
celebrate and this is where I will be keeping my
painting over the next week or so until I put it in my journal I’ll be
redecorating my altar over the next week as well to bring it in line with the
current Sabbat that’s going on and please don’t forget to subscribe if you
are enjoying my videos I new ones up every single week and I’ll see you guys
next time

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