Celebrating Marvel’s Stan Lee | Exclusive Clip

[MUSIC PLAYING] When I was about seven years
old, possibly eight years old, somewhere in that range,
I was living in Brooklyn. I loved Stan Lee. I was so grateful
for him being such a big part of my childhood,
and I never outgrew it. I remember reading
comics when I was a kid. Everything Stan put
into the stories– the visuals for the
characters and the way the stories were told– were so vibrant and exciting. When I was in
school, in science I would learn about the sun,
the moon, the stars, the comets and the galaxies,
but when I went home and read Silver Surfer
of the Fantastic Four, it would take me there. I remember being
seven or eight years old and discovering that if I put
enough pressure on either side of the doorframe in my bedroom,
I could climb up the doorframe. I remember being rigid
with excitement, because I thought I might be Spider-Man. It’s unbelievable that it was
conceived by one man’s brain. He’s one of the founding
fathers of American mythology, and I think that is going
to outlast all of us. I love drawing
the Marvel heroes, and so I drew a picture of
Stan Lee as a Super Hero. This is the drawing. You can see, Stan has
probably triple the breasts. I wasn’t great with pectoral
muscles at the time. I had none. I still don’t have any,
and I wrote manly Stan Lee. I was a nerd.

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  1. He's watching us Friends ….
    And believe me he's feeling very happy. He knows that his mission is completed. He believed that "One man can make a difference" and now the whole world knows it. He knows that he has successfully brought a change in this world.
    He didn't die…… He became immortal.
    Legends Never Die
    They Become a Part of You

  2. I hope my great Mark Hamill to join Marvel Cinematic Universe as new greatest Villain after Thanos. this will bring back beautiful and wonderful memories when Mark Hamill was my Joker from DC Animated Universe in lovely
    1990s and 2000s where my childhood was so beautiful, great happiness, joys and fun with allmy family, my old friends, my all favorite series and all whose parts of my childhood❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

  3. We will always remember him it's like The Iron Giant scene Souls don't die if we forget him he died as long as we keep remembering him he will live on for Generations in Generations to see our children and their children so on and so forth as long as we keep remembering him he will live on we miss you Stan we really do

  4. Leaving shitty reality and living in a superhero world while reading Stan's Spider-man comics definetely left a mark on me.

    Thank you Stan
    for everything.

  5. Warms your heart knowing and seeing the impact that he built up for anyone and everyone rip he is writing comics for the gods now

  6. I wanna personally thank Stan Lee's legacy on creating a culture at Marvel that engendered 'cheerleading' for their own product.

    It's given the brand a human touch as opposed to a wholly corporate vibe. The material maybe otherworldly, but Stan Lee's delivery made sure you weren't alone in the journey.

  7. That man needs his face on Mount Rushmore as well. He deserves what he did to shape our world. To be next to the other founding fathers of America.

  8. The background music made me tear up. @Marvel Entertainment can you please add this to Disney+? Since I'm not a TV person

  9. Where is this on in UK need too watch this gem still miss u stan your work made me feel normal but also made me feel being a freak was kinda cool felt like a member of x men thanks for making me feeling normal 💜

  10. Stan Lee was such an amazing person for what he created and how it helped people escape everyday life but the best part about him was how nice of a person he was, he was so sincere and an absolute amazing person. We all miss you Stan Lee and will never forget you🙏.

  11. Por q no sacan apiter parque el q iso el hombre araña en una nueva película con todos los aveyer viajaron a hotra realidad y como isieron eso dejaron una grieta cuando viajaron y todos los héroes de hotras realidades y biyanos se enfrentan alos aveyers

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