Celebrating Masazumi Chaya

We’re gonna do 7, 8, 1. Yes?
make sure the twist is possible. And then looking at the little slice up. 5, 6, 7, 8, jump! Whoa! Oh Nice. Chaya, it’s hard to put into words what an asset he is to this Company. He’s been a part of this Company as long as I’ve been a part of this world. When you do this one, cross a little more so you can go around. Well, I called Chaya my right arm and people just gasped, So I say well yeah he is, you know, that’s how good he is. And what he does so beautifully, really, is making sure we maintain the works of the founder, Alvin Ailey. This one and this one like this. I remember looking at him going from person to person to person to person remembering their choreography. When you come to the theater and you open your program and it says restaged by Masazumi Chaya, it takes a lot of work Forty plus years, he’s still doing it to this extent. It’s more than dedication. I feel like this
company is his life. To sustain his integrity as an artist,
as a dancer, as a human being, which is everything that Alvin Ailey was talking about, He wanted us to be in touch with our humanity and Chaya was always in touch with that. You can tell he’s not doing this for Chaya. He’s doing it for Mr. Ailey. There it is. You know, Alvin said, use
my step and show yourself. The time finally came for me to retire. No one will ever know how much Chaya has done for this Company. This Company would not be the Company
it is if it wasn’t for him.

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