Celebrating Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway

[music: 1920’s jazz style]>>Phillip: This marquee is so important to this attraction because this is Mickey and Minnie’s first attraction. And we want to
make sure that we’re providing an amazing marquee that really celebrates
their entrance into a great attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The marquee sets up that you’re arriving at the Chinese Theater for a premiere of Mickey
and Minnie’s Perfect Picnic. The brand-new, Mickey shorts that we’ll be
premiering. We knew from the beginning that we wanted a neon Mickey and Minnie. Just because we knew it would be really fantastic to have them animated just
like they are inside the attraction as well.>>Brittany: One of the great details about this
sign, is actually the inspiration from it came from the original Chinese
Theater. And so all of the elements were taken from previous signs that had
existed on the building’s exterior. All our designers and all of our graphic designers come together and create these really beautiful designs. Shop drawings are created which we have our engineering partners, our architectural
partners and other designers and weigh in and then a series of ten to twenty
fabricators basically put the sign together part by part inch by inch all
hand done and all built here.>>Phillip: We wanted to continue this look of neon all the way down Hollywood Boulevard, but really create this marquee is basically
a beacon that you’re guided to.>>Brittany: I think it’s gonna be really great to be able to
look straight down the front entryway and to kind of see one of these magical moments is one of the first entry statements of the park. Because you’re gonna be able to see it from the front entry.>>Phillip: I love neon, I love that we have designed this in a way that is uniquely tied to the history of Hollywood and Hollywood Boulevard and the feeling of the Golden Age of cinema. [music: 1920’s jazz style] [music: childlike theme]>>Alex: Be prepared to scale new heights.>>Rachel: But always be ready in case there’s a Yeti. (screaming)>>Sarah: Things can get a little dopey here from time to time.>>Cassidy: So be prepared for a little bit of goofiness you’re way.>>Gary: Take good care of your trains. Remember there’s no detail too small for our guests.>>Galend: Howdy folks now always remind them guests to hold on them hats.>>Kerry: And glasses.>>Mary: People love to take pictures with our trains. Be prepared to snap plenty of photos.>>Evelyn: Open your eyes to the world around you. Ellie: It can get pretty wild out there take. (rawr)>>Steve: Take pride in your heritage.>>Jack: Remember, it all started
with the mouse.>>Ashley: And a man who loved trains. [music]>>Congrats.>>And Welcome to the family. [music]

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