Celebrating my twin son & daughter’s birthday in a quiet way

Celebrating my young adult children’s birthday. My son doesn’t like acknowledging his birthday, but his sister LOVES celebrating hers. Celebrating my grown up twin son & daughter’s birthday, though my son doesnt like to acknowlege or celebrate his birhday. His sister loves celebrating it. though she is not seen in the video They love chinese food. So they have that and Athentic chinese spare ribs They also had a a cherry trifle dessert. Bought from Asda store in the uk and assorted drinks & wine. They did not want a birthday cake or their friends invited That’s one of the twins , over there. Please comment. If ur new to my channel Press the SUBSCRIBE button & notification bell on the top right and join the family. This rice smells so nice. Just look n guys at the assorted vegetables and shrimps Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to comment, SUBSCRIBE & share this video. I LUV you all. Bye, bye.

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