Celebrating National Law Enforcement Day

[Reporter] Backing the blue. Students and staff
members across the district are wearing blue today to celebrate National Law
Enforcement Day. During an assembly a Bluffton Elementary School kids
surprised the school resource officer. [Principal] We have a SRO who’s very special to a lot of the kids here. [Reporter] Giving her cards they made telling her
how much they appreciate her. [Student 1] I said thank you for protecting us. [Student 2] Thank you
for keeping us safe. [Reporter] The officer says she’s honored the school recognized her
today and can’t wait to read the cards. [Lauren Brown] I think it’s important for them to just
recognize what we do that we’re here for the community especially with the school
resource officers you know we’re here every day Monday through Friday when
their school were here and we take the time to help the kids help them grow
help them learn and I think it’s important for people to recognize that. [Reporter] The school also gave the officer a special drawing of her favorite animal. [Lauren] That was awesome you know cuz I like elephants and I have elephant stuff everywhere and
the fact that they remembered that and you know incorporated that into me being
a police officer is really cool. [Reporter] Earlier this morning members of the Bluffton
Police Department posed for pictures with students at Pritchardville
Elementary School. Two of the students were excited to tell everyone that their
fathers are police officers. [Giana Rodriguez] My dad’s a police officer and he goes
out to save the world every day and every night. [Reed Fazekas] It’s really cool because he
he helps people. [Rerorter] National Law Enforcement Day started in 2015 as a way to thank
officers across the country for their service. For the Beaufort County School
District Ron lopes.

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