Celebrating Nestlé Women Who Pioneered Innovation

it gives me a lot of confidence to see
women in leadership across the organization because it helps to
reinforce that I belong, right? And it helps to reinforce that I have room to grow here What I’ve learned from some of the women that I’ve worked with is really the value and diversity of thought that women can bring There have been a number of women who have influenced me throughout my life My mom is definitely one of them She is someone who inspired me in that she had her career and she had a family and she made it work doing both and doing both well Audrey Lorde. She was a black, lesbian, feminist, writer, poet She laid the foundation for a lot of what we as women have now What I see coming out of the Stouffer’s
brand team is this relentless focus on quality and relentless focus on the consumer The consumer truly is their True North And I’ve seen, you know, the
brand team continue to carry that kind of tradition forward since Lena’s
inspiration years ago The focus is how do we put the best possible product on
shelf? Dorothy Gerber wanted to make sure also that moms and dads had the best
possible information and products for their babies And it shows you that how
this company was established and through its history we’re still living that legacy today Ruth Wakefield is an inventor She invented the chocolate chip
cookie in the late 1930’s She was always trying new things and I think that’s, you know, very true for the brand as well as we think about, you know, Toll House and our heritage But also how does baking need to evolve? How should it evolve for consumers? Women can speak up for our female consumers in the marketplace making sure that we’re really thinking about their needs from that more, kind of, personal perspective so I think that diversity of thought, being in these
leadership rooms and these leadership venues really allows us to be a stronger
company and in delighting our consumers

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