Celebrating our European connections – Professor George Boyne, Principal.

So today is Brexit Day and I recognise
that many of my colleagues and our students are disappointed and a little
bit sad but as a university community we are not despondent. We’re celebrating our
connections to Europe which have been in place for centuries, indeed since the University was founded in 1495 we’ve had connections to Europe. So we intend to
continue those connections to strengthen them and to make sure that we remain
linked to our European partners and colleagues. The University has multiple
identities. We are Scottish, we are British, we are European, we are international but because there is concern currently about
our European connections I’m announcing a new fund to continue and strengthen or
research links to European universities. Just to help to make those connections
strong in the years ahead

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  1. Thank you Pr Boyne, thank you Universities of Scotland, people of Scotland and Scottish Government for your support.
    Be sure every european student feels very thankful for the welcome and the high quality of the teaching provided here.
    I am french and my daughter is learning Law in Aberdeen : she wants to stay in your beautiful country and give back to Scotland all she receives!

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