Celebrating people of all abilities – IDPD December 3

More than one billion people around the
globe live with some form of disability. Many face barriers and discrimination
every day, their abilities are overlooked and their
potential underestimated. The society are not considering me as a person. They see me like a useless person in the
community. To change this, the United Nations is
working side by side with governments, international organizations, and
civil society. The UN Convention on the Rights of
Persons with Disabilities is one of the tools available to make
a difference. And this year’s historic UN High-Level
Meeting on Disability and Development adopted a landmark Outcome
Document providing actions to develop a fully
inclusive society. Let us work together so everyone,
everywhere has the chance to live their dreams and
use the gifts that they have been given. Let us advance
disability inclusive development, inspire change, on the ground and ensure a life of dignity for all. December 3rd is the International
Day of Persons with Disabilities. Various activities will take place
during the day. A theatrical performance,
a film screening, and several panel discussions will
highlight various aspects of life with disabilities and ways to promote
participation and accessibility. On this international day, I make an earnest plea and call upon all of you to look at people
with disabilities as differently-abled. Understand us for who we are. Help us to build upon our strengths and be patient with our inabilities. The community can respect whether a blind person, or deaf, or
physically disabled because we are part of them. Help the United Nations break barriers
and open doors. Join us to include, organize,
celebrate and take action for a better world,
involving people from all walks of life.

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