Celebrating Pride All Around the World

At Shell we’re very diverse, but we’re helping we’re trying to help people feel more included We’re here about the Edmonton prank parades and shale schools bird is participating and we are very excited We’re looking forward to make it a big party and showing that we supports a variety of backgrounds I think it’s really important because that really fits with shells the unita and to see then the Enthusiasm that all my colleagues have to join today. It’s just fantastic Everyone is feeling fabulous today We’re in a safe environment, and it’s such amazing energy so happy to be involved in something like this. It was such an amazing experience Everyone was waving and blowing bubbles and dancing and it was fantastic to see how Happy the crowd was and everyone was cheering and having a great time, and I’m so happy to be a part of that Inclusion for a company just activates all the horsepower Available people really feel that they can be themselves so they can bring all their creativity All of their talents to bear then I think we get a much happier workplace and also we get a lot more Contribution for people it’s a great buzz all around us here. There’s all sorts of people families kids We got all of our shell regalia on and it’s a core value for us to show that diversity and inclusion really do matter Our inclusion of our LGBTQ colleagues is a real litmus test for how inclusive We really are as an organization so it’s important for us to sponsors the network and and encourage people to be Open about themselves and what gives them joy I’ve been participating in Pride since 2012 since we had the LGBT Network in shell and so the fact that we embrace it as a company and we make it so that everyone can come to Work feel they’re 100% complete selves to me is exactly what a workplace should be and so I want to support it

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  1. I can not believe that such a prestigious company goes down this road, that is very unpleasant I will never buy shell products again. how disappointing..

  2. what Shell disappointment, support the family do not want? now support these movements? never again buy SHELL products, boycott already!

  3. Shell, it is great to see how inclusive you are and how much you appreciate diversity. Keep up with all the great initiatives! This is the way to build a better world for future generations.

  4. Great work, Shell!
    There are commenters who say they don't get it or they'll boycott … I wonder if they even watched the whole video.
    Regardless.. 1) I hope those who don't understand will make an effort to understand why we ought to be INCLUSIVE rather than DISCRIMINATORY towards other human beings 2) People have every right to vote with their feet, but I believe any loss in sales will be offset by support of the LGBT+ community, family, and friends.

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