Celebrating Pride in NYC

Michaelangelo: I love New York City because
in New York City I can be just me. Juliet Amara: There are so many people from
all different walks of life, from so many different countries in the world, with different
jobs, talents, dreams, goals. Michael V: No matter how you like to present
yourself to the world, there’s a little bit of something for everybody. Michaelangelo: My name is Sophia Vergara. Just kidding. I am Michelangelo. Juliet Amara: Juliet Amara. Regina E. King: Regina Elizabeth King Michelle Lopez: Michelle Lopez. Michael V: Michael Ventrielo. Michelle Lopez: And we are here in the wonderful
city of New York. Michaelangelo: The diversity, this is what
I love about New York. Regina E. King: Whether you want to party,
whether you want to sing, whether you want to dance, whether you want to act, whether
you want to make a speech, you know, it’s just freedom and peace to be who you are,
and that’s what New York offers every single day. Michael V: Being in New York, which is an amazing, incredible walking city, you get
to see so many things you would have no idea ever existed before. Regina E. King: Chelsea Market has just about everything. Juliet Amara: Williamsburg and Bushwick, there’s a lot of artists that are around there and
a lot of little niche bookstores and cafes. Michaelangelo: I love Times Square. People
think that I’m crazy that I always go there because it’s so noisy, so many people. Michael V: And it’s just this absolutely incredible place. You hear about the lights that brighten
up the streets and to think, “I am here. I made it to New York.” And it really just has
this exciting energy, this exciting buzz. You can literally feel it when you walk through the streets. Michelle Lopez: I see New York as this melting
pot, you know of great things going on. People of all backgrounds find
a community her in New York city. Regina E. King: Just seeing the flag gives
me hope. Also gives me courage to just be myself. It’s that love of like seeing people that are like you, that makes you feel like
I belong too. So pride for me is every day. Michelle Lopez: You’re here. You matter and
you’re welcome.

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