Celebrating Pride Month with the #PROUDINMYCALVINS Community | CALVIN KLEIN

Pride to me is being unapologetically me.
It’s a time of year to celebrate who you are and being proud of it. Walking out of
the shadows and into the light. Always with the smile, never letting
anything or anyone define me. For me it probably means not allowing anyone
else’s insecurities or negativity or anything like that affect how I decide
to live my life. I express my pride jumping and squealing and swirling honey.
Be you! that’s the best way to be proud. I show up for my community, I show up for
my friends, I show for my family. It’s about coming together. Now it’s so
beautiful to be able to turn on the TV and see so much representation of the
LGBTQ community. Everyone is invited you just have to enter. Pride is a place
where I feel welcomed and I feel loved. But it’s also about what people have
gone through it’s important to honor them and still remember that we are
fighting for rights and doing this all for a better life for years to come.
What pride means to me is living your life without regrets. Being happy. I’m
Celina and I’m proud in my Calvins. Hi I’m Melanie, I’m
I’m Julian, I’m Jabez, I’m Derek, I’m Jose, and I’m proud in my Calvins.
I’m proud in my Calvins. Yes, she is proud honey! Proud in my Calvins. I’m Bryce and I’m proud in my Calvins.

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  2. These are all muscular, skinny, and slim individuals … Is it too much to add a large individual or is it not on brand? they exist too, in the LGBTQ+ circle

  3. Gothic,"purse" "tip flat cacoon" "wallet no repeats-forearm" Bulie and Dad reads "some pretend to touch the spider" vault no repeats "said . . ."

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