Celebrating Sinulog Festival 2020

Third Sunday of January. It’s Sinulog Festival already. Before going to an
endless standing and walking, we must first fill our bellies… What are we doing
here at SM Seaside? We are looking for… We are looking for a ride
to Sto. Niño. Pit Senyor! People are avoiding the taxi
for its high fare because of traffic. We are going to Sto. Niño
to attend a mass. So we did not
take MyBus because it has a long queue. We have a guest here… You came from the city, boss? What? You came from the city? I came from Fuente. Sinulog Festival is an annual cultural
and religious festival held on the third Sunday of
January in Cebu City. This festival is considered as one
of the most popular festivals in the Philippines. And, when we say Sinulog, there are events
everywhere. So, we are now in the City area We are heading to Sto. Niño church. Yes … Be prepared for the crowd. There are lots of them. It was the scenario, different types of tourists meet. We were almost
at Sto. Niño. So, there are quite many
people during Sinulog. But these number of people
is normal during the event. So, we are heading
to the entrance. So, we are queueing to the
entrance of Sto. Niño. Because of security reasons, it will take a bit of your time. It’s okay. Only one line please Sunglasses and caps… wear them again
after the checking. Maintain the one line, ma’am. So, we are now inside. I will look for
my companion. Upon entering,
we were welcomed by this scene There were a lots of people. But as I said, this is normal during the festival. So, the mass ended. And, we are about to exit. There are really a lot of people. And, the weather is good,
it’s not raining. It’s a bit sunny. But it’s okay,
there are a lot of shades . because of the trees So..it’s okay. There are helicopters. Why? Your president is here? After the church,
we went separate ways. Well, I’m with
my commander because she holds the budget. After living for quite
a while in Cebu, as we age, we avoid crowded areas. We chose not to witness street dancing. What is our route? From Plaza Independencia,
Colon, then, SM. Since it was Sinulog, the vendors
in the street doubled their numbers. There were accessories,
t-shirts, and others. Hey! That’s colorful. So, there are also
hair colors. Ten pesos only? It’s very cheap. But, do you have a pink color
for all of these? So I bought this
for thirty pesos. Its still affordable. So, are you happy now? Finally, we arrived in Colon, where lots of happenings. We are here in Colon,
a street in Cebu City. It is famous because it is
the oldest street in Cebu. There were also a lot of foods. The tourists surely will not starve.
It’s normal to have this huge
number of people during Sinulog, here in Cebu. Cebu is known to have
a lot of tourists, especially in the
Sinulog Festival. You saw earlier,
as we stroll, from Sto. Niño to
Plaza Independencia, up to here, there were many people. It’s exhausting but fun. Then, we took a jeepney
going to SM. When we arrived, we saw this character. Hi….water! Hello. This is Dodoy, the Water Queen of Cebu. Yes…..water…. And that was great. Finally, a place to cool ourselves. When we entered SM,
there were still many people. Still, a festive atmosphere
was everywhere. We will go home early. We have to avoid the chaos
because there are many of them. It’s almost 6 pm. And we decided
to wait for the… What is that event at 7pm? There will be
fireworks at seven, here in the SM
parking lot maybe. Since we are here at MyBus Terminal, yes, we will wait for it. As you can see, we are
in the MyBus Terminal. They are now
on Cut-off because … we don’t know. They will resume
at 9 pm. That is the parking area
of SM City. And after one hour,
the fireworks will start. How are you doing? Why are you taking the
front seat for the fireworks? We choose to stay
at the front for a clear view. Or maybe
I can’t see it clearly, or something will block it. Well, nothing will block
because it is high up. They said the fireworks
are there. How are you doing? What can you say
that it will almost start? It almost starts,
so be prepared. They are already cheering
and say, woohoo. It will start already. And the fireworks
has finally started. It follows the music. Yeah. As you can see,
there are plenty of people. Are you okay? Yes. Finally, it’s finished, very beautiful. And you saw it. Slowly, people are moving out. I think they’re on their way
to SM Seaside. Because after here,
there will be another show there. And also, in Ayala So..Viva Senyor Sto. Niño…. Let’s go home now.
We’ll surely have a hard time now. Okay… So, what?
Let’s end here? So, we will end here. Thank you for watching
and Pit Senyor!

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