Celebrating sonmapai with my fellow pemakoipa ||📍RASALPUR

Here we’re making some Shabhaley. All the pemakoe students are meeting for a picnic today. We were unable to celebrate our Sonampai ( Farmer’s) Losar on the 25th so we decided to celebrate today, on 28th. so we’re making some Shabhaley and puri still we are not done with making shabaley Now they’re deep frying the Shabhaley there is only one utensil available what is this? Egg and …(Tomato). What for? ( for Phuntsok’s body build) the already prepared food are packed here. I’ll show you…. leave it. it’ll be a hassle to cover it again. it might get cold. so I’ll show later ……………..( the Shabhaley is enough for lunch) …..( is there anything left?) the bus is here. don’t you dare curse…. (talking gibberish) ooh~….we’ve arrived. ……Pamo, look at this …it’s beautiful just turn it on click on camera ( seems like my friend majored in some alien language) shouldn’t you talk? we’re going to Rasalpur….. lol it’s we’ve arrived in Rasalpur, not going to. …….sorry sorry my mistake it look like a desert. there is not much water and seems like the water have dried up. Mister how was the business? i think your business was not good we just crossed river and going to they are crossing the river now we are at RASALPUR r u happy? yeah ,, just act like you are looking at scenery. I’m sweating while looking at you Tseten. even wearing a mask! (take that) oho oh I think we’ve to go a little bit far right now. Still need to walk a bit. Till where we’ve to go not sure about it Here! The River. wow! look at my camera skill ……….look the sky has cleared up, the sun is visible now It’s hot now I think we’re nearing our picnic spot It’s sunny What happened Tseten? Feeling hot? even brought such a thin coat What! I brought a thick coat hehe… sure brought a thick one felt stuffy….yeah its stuffy It was cold in the morning. I think we reached our spot. oh my its way too hot here …….we’ll be sitting for now lol they are changing the spot seem like they decided for that spot over there …….we’ll bring this together, Pamo you two are so slow people from Lali Basti are usually slow lali basti you two aren’t from lali basti right? you two are way too slow those down there (please shift a little) Now we’re going to have some food say what did you bring Pema Sangmo? ……….shift a little lower ………do shift a little over you have brought your umbrella so shift a little over cause there isn’t enough space ( tell Dechen to sit there and I’ll sit here. hey the surface is uneven. i won’t fall right?) even if told to move over there isn’t any space left to shift there are all congested over there how are we gonna eat like this? tell them to come a little lower one of you can come here. now we’re eating the Shabhaley whoa! the spiciness is it spicy? yeah it went straight in ummm the chilly is spicy way too spicy didn’t you taste it before? I did but she didn’t get to I’ll pass the juice right now so wait a min so do drink it here pass it, who else didn’t get their drink the Shabhaley is good yeah it is good how is it Pamo? is it good? ( look like MiMi is very excited) she is laughing ….hehe give it to her she seem excited…..enough now stop it look up look upthere seem like you all have come to a real party/picnic they look so happy Pema what are you doing ? Eat it look she is embarrassed ….who made these? we made it ~ Shabhaley~ they are washing their hand ~Tseten~ hehe…so embarrassing Dheden ! oh! acha yangdon looked here aswell oie Dheden lol the hairstyle…..Dheden can you turn off your phone? baby you are useless lo you’re useless useless? you’re useless you are an idiot i just come to take a pic here, they are taking a picture others are swimming weather is quite good they all are busy and taking picture lets go to there..what ? my glass! what i do with my glass? Don’t push me ,i am sinking why i can’t move? you are saying don’t move as you are the owner of the water . hahahahh……don’t allowing me to move Now we going to test phone by taking under water picture… let’s see we can take picture or not lets hold breath They making video i just come out of water. it’s cold and i am going to wear cloth see,how i left my cloth here,our food pulses , perhaps this is meat this shabaley and i don’t know whats in there. right now i am going to other side

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