Celebrating Speedy’s 45th Birthday

INSIDE HOT CARS WITHOUT *Estefania* MISSION POLICE DEPARTMENT IS CELEBRATING ONE OF THEIR FALLEN HEROES, ON HIS BIRTHDAY. OUR JOANNA GUZMAN TELLS US HOW THE DEPARTMENT HAS CHANGED AN IMPORTANT PART OF A STREET IN MISSION. 0:20:41 1:01:07 NATS: ” The only gifts today, will be your sweet memories left behind of laughter, joy and happiness that echo in our minds. ” TODAY, ON HIS 45TH BIRTHDAY.. THE MISSION POLICE DEPARTMENT HONORS FALLEN CORPORAL JOSE LUIS ESPERICUETA LOVINGLY KNOWN AS ‘SPEEDY BY RENAMING EAST EIGHT STREET AS CORPORAL SPEEDY DRIVE.. SOT: ” We do it his remembrance to memorialize him and make sure the generations of police officers to come to this organization, the citizens that live her and that will become part of this community so that can know the story of this young man and the sacrifice he made for his community.” ON JUNE 20TH, MISSION POLICE LOST ONE OF THEIR OWN AFTER CORPORAL ESPERICUETA WAS SHOT AND KILLED IN THE LINE OF DUTY DURING A FOOT CHASE. SOT: ” A personal who stood out, a lot of courage, a lot of valor.” ESPERICUETA’S BESTFRIEND TELLS US HE IS THANKFUL FOR THE COMMUNITIES SUPPORT SINCE THIS TRAGIC NIGHT SOT: ” It’s been a long road but getting the community together showing all the support that we have for the family it’s been a lot easier in the healing process.” MULTIPLE LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES CAME TOGETHER ON THIS SPECIAL DAY FOR THE ESPERICUETA FAMILY AS SPEEDY’S WIFE, SON, AND PARENTS EACH UNVEILED THE NEW STREET NAME… SOT: ” What would you tell Speedy today on his 45th birthday? ” ” We always made fun of 45 and um it’s kind of hard to hit that day. He just meant a lot to us and I wish he was here. 45 would’ve been a great thing for us.” *Estefania* CORPORAL SPEEDY DRIVE IS LOCATED IN FRONT OF THE MISSION POLICE DEPARTMENT PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS

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