Celebrating Star Wars Day Early and Charles Soule Talks Darth Vader

– This week we’re sitting
down to talk to Charles Soule about Marvel’s “Star Wars.” – Plus more. – Just more? – Well, yeah. You’ve got to entice them to
stay for the whole episode. Whew. – How did we do it? Stick around. – Magic. – This is “The Star Wars Show.” From the Lucasfilm
headquarters in San Francisco, here’s your hosts,
Andi and Anthony. – Hello and welcome to “The
Star Wars Show,” the only “Star Wars” show on the internet
celebrating May the 4th on May the 1st. – We’re early because we care. – And also because we’re locked
into this Wednesday time slot. – It’s going to be awkward
next year when we’re all may the April 29 be with you. – It rolls right off the tongue. Let’s go to the news. [WHOOSH] Because May the 4th
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to reserve your time, go to StarWars.com/SWS – Star Wars Day isn’t the
only unofficial holiday happening this Saturday. Free Comic Book Day is also
taking place on May the 4th, and “Star Wars”
is participating. – This year you’ll be able to
grab a free copy of “Star Wars Adventures” from IDW, which
follows Han and Chewie as they race against pirates
in a search for one of three identical droids
that contain the location of a legendary treasure. – Additionally, Marvel is also
handing out a free preview issue of their upcoming comics. Inside you’ll get samples
from “Galaxy’s Edge,” “Age of Rebellion,”
and “Tie Fighter,” as well as an interview
with Kieron Gillan. – Both free comics will
be available at your local comic book shop this Saturday. – And speaking of comics,
our friends over at Marvel will be debuting a bonus episode
of “Earth’s Mightiest Show,” which highlights some of the
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go live on Saturday morning on YouTube.com/Marvel. Enough said. – And for more breaking news
from around the galaxy, be sure to check out StarWars.com/SWS. – For real. There’s a whole bunch of stuff
going up there on Saturday that we can’t talk
about until next week. – Curse you,
Wednesday time slot. Curse you. – (YODA’S VOICE) Much
to learn you still have. – Aha, A-T-A-Ts. Or is it ATATs? Whatever. First scene in “The
Empire Strikes Back,” stomping their way towards Echo
Base on the icy planet of Hoth, the all-terrain
armored transports are the four-legged vehicles
that stand over a staggering 22 meters tall. With armor impervious
to most blasters, as well as four
front-mounted cannons, the ATAT is an
unstoppable war machine. Sometimes. Their legs have been shown
to be their weak spot. From tripping over cables in
“The Empire Strikes Back,” to getting sliced
with a lightsaber in “Star Wars
Rebels,” the results are ultimately the same. Another weakness of the
ATAT is their sight. The ghost crew was able
to evade a group of ATATs by entering the sandstorm. Don’t let that
weakness fool you, they’re very good
at blowing stuff up. Want to learn more
about ATATs, like how they’re modeled after the
movement of an elephant? Check out
StarWars.com/MuchToLearn. – Hey, guys, today we have
Charles Soule with us. – Hey.
– Hey. Thank You so much
for joining us. – Thank you for having me.
This is fantastic. – So let’s talk a little
bit about your experience writing “Star Wars.”
– Sure. – You’ve pretty much just been
in the comics space with us. – Yeah, I’ve done four projects. It was Lando, then it was Obi
Wan and Anakin, both of which were minis. And then I did a long
Poe Dameron series. – Mm-hmm. – But, really, the biggest
thing I’ve done for you guys has been the Darth Vader series. It was set right
after Episode 3, so, as I call it, it was
Baby Vader, when he was just in his suit for the first time,
didn’t have a lightsaber yet, didn’t really know how to use
the robot limbs and so on. And so it was him in a way that
we haven’t really seen before, where he’s learning
about things, he’s not as incredibly
confident and terrifying. He’s still pretty
terrifying, but he’s not terrifying in the
same way that we’ve seen from the other films. – Yeah, and I find
that so fascinating. What did you do to
get in that headspace? And how did you approach
writing about someone who maybe used to be so
mysterious and enigmatic, and you’re really
breaking him down to like the finest details?
– Right. I mean, that’s one
of things you really want to be careful s with Darth
Vader, with any big villain, because you don’t want to
demystify them or take away what makes them frightening. And so one of the
first things I decided, when I started
writing the series, is that Darth Vader
would almost never talk. And if he talked, it would be
literally the bare minimum. If he could get it
done in one word, he’d get it done in one word. And no captions, so you
never got in his head. And so everything
you learned about him is through his actions. And his actions are
generally pretty terrifying, because he’s Darth Vader. And so that was the way I
approached the idea of keeping him frightening, even
though revealing how he got that first lightsaber,
you’re revealing how he built that huge castle on
Mustafar, like that’s one of the big story arcs we did. So you want those stories
to feel as epic as anything you saw on any of the films,
but also give new layers and show new things
about Darth Vader. And the main goal
for that series was taking you from the
place where he remembered being Anakin Skywalker, to just
letting go of Anakin Skywalker and saying, OK, I’m Darth
Vader, I’m ready to do what I need me to do. – That’s such a cool
space to play in. – You’re telling me. – I know, right? – I know, it was great. – And a lot of us
around here really loved the Lando mini series.
– Thanks. – And there weren’t that
many stories about him. – Right. – And you got to dive into
Lobot a little bit more. – Yeah, absolutely. – And that relationship
was so cool. – Yeah. So when we see Lobot in
“The Empire Strikes Back,” he’s a robot or an
android, like he doesn’t any personality really. But in the “Lando”
miniseries, it’s set before that when
Lando’s like Straight Man, like his buddy. And over the course of the
story, you find out how Lobot, and why, more
importantly, Lobot became the sort of
blank-faced automaton that we see in “The
Empire Strikes Back.” – Are there any
characters in “Star Wars” that you really, really want to
write for that you haven’t yet? – I have written one panel of
Luke Skywalker, and that’s it. I would love to write
more for Luke Skywalker. I think hopefully I’ll have a
chance to do that at some point soon. I’ll write Palpatine any
chance I get, all the time. But, hey, you know, any
era you pick in “Star Wars” has cool characters
to work with, so. – Right. Comics have such a rich history
in the “Star Wars” community. – Yeah. – What is it about comics that
kind of keeps you coming back? – Well, it’s impactful. Like you can show Darth
Vader igniting his lightsaber for the first time. I could write the hell out
of that scene in prose, sure, but when you see an artist–
like the artist I work with primarily on the series
is Guiseppe Camuncoli, who’s brilliant, he’s a genius, and so
when he draws it, you feel it. It hits you in the gut in
this really visceral way. And you can do everything
from massive space battles to very intimate
character moments. I think it’s as close as
you can get to the movie without being the movie. And the other thing
that’s great about it is that they come out kind
of thoroughly rapidly. And so in the frame
of like 25 issues, you might get like five
novels’ worth of stuff or five movies’ worth of storytelling. You can go to all these
incredible places, you can tell all
these amazing stories, and then you could
just keep telling all those amazing stories.
It’s great. It’s cool.
– Awesome. Well, thanks for coming by.
– Of course. My pleasure. Thanks for having me. – Just watching the
“Star Wars” show. – I like how in this week’s
Much To Learn video they used both A-T-A-T and ATAT. – Yeah, definitely,
but I say it right. – Yeah. And I’m sure you will
continue to debate this very important
question, and which one do you think Andi says. We want to know
how you celebrate May the 4th this week. – Send us your pictures,
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hashtag #SWSMT4, and we’ll feature our
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May the 1st be with you. [LIGHTSPEED SOUND] [BEEP] SWSMT4 sounds like some sort
of weird new-age walker. [BEEP] Is it SWSMT4 or SWSMT4? – SWSMT4.
– Oh, OK. – That’s how I always say it.
[BEEP] – Real fans do it. – Real fans say SWSMT4. [BEEP] [COMPUTERIZED MUSIC]

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