Celebrating Student Success 2019

Ron’s accomplishments are many he is not
only one of the founders and leaders of the house system at the school he’s also
a prefect he’s a mentor he is the student who started our Robotics Club so
he saw a need he was very interested and he sought out a teacher and he became a
staff advisor and he’s the one who formed the Robotics Club I think opening
a robotics club definitely had a huge impact on a few individuals because it
was really an opportunity where where I was able to expose certain people to the
field of robotics just about two years ago in a student Advisory Council when
we were discussing inclusivity and student involvement the idea of a house
system was brought up and this was a a system where this students would be
assigned houses and they would work together to earn points and and compete
against the other houses in the school we had a food and clothing drive in the
winter where students would work together to donate as many items as they
can a for their house and together we managed to raise or to get over 400 food
and clothing items for charities I am an intermediate eco team I lead the junior
and primary eco team I go to intermediate and junior choir and I help
out Fridays morning recess and also acts with kids that need help I played
on the intermediate girls basketball team and our areas we got fifth and I
help out with the juniors and grade for girls basketball team I was a member of
the first reach for the top team that Oscar Peterson had and we got second and
I guess you could say areas she tried out for every team she’s tried out for
every club she’s incredibly musical and very modest about that she sets goals
for herself she works hard to reach those goals
trying out for and making teams and clubs performing in music she works
really really hard for everything that she does and she knows how to be
successful because of the result of all that hard work I think in the school
I’ve been able to kind of make school a little more engaging for students not only just
through the clubs that I’m leading but just through the events that are
organized that are to benefit the school I think in terms of community I’ve been
able to kind of just help out community members whether that’s through just like
a breakfast volunteer that I run or like the restaurant fundraiser that I’ve done
there’s various issues that are very passionate about with some of them
including like world hunger and poverty or homelessness or just mental health
all of those issues of things that I’m very passionate about and I think that’s
what drives me to be involved in those things like volunteering for various
organizations I consider Nicole a leader and I think what defines her leadership is
the amount of time she puts into other people I think that the accomplishments
that she’s had have all been about inspiring others and motivating others
and impacting the community Nicole is incredibly passionate about
the things that she does and I think that reflects in the work that she does
in grade 9 I didn’t take school and it’s opportunities very seriously and now I
try and take advantage of the opportunities and experience school
gives me my accomplishments at school I’ve been going getting my
certifications and finishing high school working in a group with others and and
doing community work cutting down trees Trent in the EOP program is one of the
main guys to start a task when given a task he’s the guy that’s gonna be
responsible to ensure that it gets started he’s also one of the guys who is
great with maintenance machines and being able to problem-solve when when
there’s a situation with something needing to be repaired my biggest joy in
teaching Trent is been the growth that I see especially over here in the
p program and the feedback that I get from his classroom teachers is just that
he’s growing as an individual and he’s becoming a great young man and the fact
that he is wanting to improve on a daily basis about my accomplishments I’m most
proud of the work we did with HP because we used 3d printers and we made pause
for all the members of girls get it and we also made a fire emblem for fat
friend Riley we also got to do a task where we had to pick we had to pick an
idea to help someone with the disability and my group chose blindness and we
decided to make a tactile keyboard to help people who can’t see the obstacle
is a club where we turn old things into new things about Matt’s army billion
eggs that we made out of milk bags younger students will be able to take
them outside and use them for outdoor activities
Rihanna’s benefit varley’s since grade five and she’s a member of the girls get
IT Club she’s a member of the coding Club she is in the band in grade six she
was a member of the Eco team and she won a silver medal for us and she’s
entertained and informed us in her singing in her school assemblies she’s
actively involved in all facets of Fred Varley she’s in our band or choir sings
and assemblies she’s in the girls get IT Club in her up cycling club my
accomplishments at the school include leading our school spirit day which is
an anti homophobia day and also our wellness day which focused on teaching
people strategies to help them relieve stress and it also worked on Black
History Month and I got accepted into our our district school board’s original
student equity committee the thing to motivate me to achieve these things with
that I remember one week I was hearing a lot of homophobic and ignorant comments
at my school and then my teacher nominator asked if I wanted to be a part
of the equity committee called students for kings
and I realized that it was a great opportunity to King that mindset at my
school I had just seve from the way that he’s so dedicated to making those
changes and for bringing awareness for the LGBTQ community which to me was
honestly the biggest accomplishment because it’s an area I’ve seen a lot of
need in our school and not really has there been a child who wanted to really
advocate for that and it’s the kind of thing where it’s gonna be his legacy
leaving the school that he’s in grade 8 and that our school will continue to
have discussions and continue to celebrate that part of our community
well I started on athletic council in grade 9 then I transitioned and to be
having peer mentor and then I was also on student council and a part of Relay
for Life I loved Relay for Life because it
reaches beyond the walls of this school and you get to have a greater impact on
such an event that’s so important and so meaningful you’re raising hope and to
find that cure and so really for life has definitely been something that I’m
the most proud of I have student council president she has done a great job in
having ongoing events and leading lots and lots of events to keep lots of
different students throughout the whole school community busy and active and
engaged carries a huge course load learning lots of lots of stuff but also
being involved in really for life she’s doing the SHSM program she does her own
volunteering coordinates the Relay for Life so she’s very very busy always on
the go getting lots done for herself and for people around her as one of the
staff advisors I’ve been able to work closely with her and see all the amazing
work that she does behind the scenes and in addition with Relay for Life she’s
really hit the ground with fundraising and planning events and getting people
involved so again going back to those values the things that I do I do because
I care about people and helping people and I want to make a positive impact but
at the end of the day they don’t have to know it was me that helped accomplish
that as long as their lives are better in their feeling
better I’m very blessed to be a Special Olympics athlete in track and field
swimming and speed skating in 2019 I was qualified to go to the provincial Winter
Games in st. Marie I have skated for events and won two
gold medals and two silver medals I volunteer in the school library and
plays piano in music classes even if I’m not first in class I can still do well
if I try my very best I hope I will be a provincial athlete at
all by sports I would like to represent Canada one day at the Special Olympics
World Games maybe I could be a coach in the future you can see the dedication in
him and wanting to achieve better things and wanting to be better not only does
he show up with hard work and dedication that you would complicate things but
he’s also a great leader for special needs he’s teaching the students here
how to interact with them how to be more accepting towards you even despite his
differences they still seem to see the person they don’t see his differences
anymore and I think that’s a great thing Jada’s is involved in a lot at our
school she’s been in school musicals for the last two years she fundraises a lot
she has done a lot for her friends in the school she tried out for volleyball
this year she took a new risk and tried out for the badminton team which is
something new for her I’ve been in the school play for the last two years in a
row I read with primary students and I bring the kindergartens to the bus I’ve
held at the bake sale this year for the grade 8 grad I’ve helped with the
musicals to raise money for them out of all my accomplishments the one I’m most
proud of would be teaching everyone about my alopecia I’m proud of this
accomplishment because I was able to teach people because they’re not aware
of this condition magic tip just described Jayden would be kind first and
foremost she’s just one of those students that
you don’t get to see a lot she’s constantly saying hi to people in
the hallways asking if anyone needs help how’s your day even just a smile I find
it makes a big difference in the hallways and we wish more students did
that the school would be a much better place
vern ‘van has accomplished a lot of things here at cedar wood public school
as an athlete on the boys basketball team and as a leader on the student
leadership team and as a general helper and advocate for his classmates I also
try to see myself as someone who is helpful because I always tried to help
people for schoolwork if they need to work on their game for basketball for
example and you know for my homework help program which I’ve started with a
few other students where we help younger children with homework I like to see
this see that as a sign of helpfulness an example everybody recognizes his
empathetic nature his willingness to help and to lead and he’s completely
changed the tone of the classroom and the hallways in the school I’m most
proud of my Relay for Life experience being a part of student council for all
four years I was a member at large and grade 9 and then I became secretary
grade 10 yr PC repping grade 11 and I’m currently vice president I’m a part of
the Relay for Life Committee in partnership with the Canadian Cancer
Society we did that for two years and we raised over $100,000 I nominated ELISA
for celebrating student success because she is a caring hardworking and
respectable student leader within the school and she has really made the King
City community a much better place through her involvement with student
council and through the Relay for Life initiative that we have had at this
school every time we have a student council meeting or every time we have a
Relay for Life meeting we set goals and there’s nothing that’s gonna stop ELISA
from meeting that goal once we make that goal of reality and she gets results so
every event that we have is planned to a high degree of effectiveness and also
it’s executed to hide successfulness and a lot of it is
because of ELISA I nominated Amanda for the celebrating
student success award because she has had a tremendous impact to Aurora high
school one of Amanda’s biggest accomplishments at Aurora high school
has definitely been the development of the FIRST Robotics Club I’m president of
our empowering students partnership where I run events like our tulips for
autism or our toiletry drive where I made toiletries accessible to students
in financial need within our school Amanda has been a great role model and
that has exceptional intelligence both emotional intelligence as well as
organizational intelligence and she’s extremely hardworking and tenacious so
my biggest motivation is that I really like to help people and create awareness
both in my school and in my local community and I’m really passionate
about the gender gap in STEM so I have worked quite a bit to try and help close
that gender gap within my community I see a man having incredible impact and I
see imagine making a difference in the lives of many people my accomplishments
at school have been excellence in math and a motivation that helped me and to
get a sense of math was through my teachers they really helped me get me to
that goal one of Leo’s biggest accomplishments I I believe is the just
the ability to be able to connect with his peers and his teachers he is just so
genuine and so polite and so respectful that he socially he he’s just able to
connect with everybody which makes him just a truly inspiring person in that he
can connect with you alia has been a very big personality
here at James Robinson she’s got a ton of leadership in so many different roles
in the school but she has inserted herself with her own initiative in many
areas of the school from our recess rangers through to our kindergarten
helpers to reading with students and has also taken the initiative to start up
our yearbook committee this year so at the beginning of the year we were told
of the leadership team and in that leadership team there’s multiple
initiatives that we carried out so the first one was being the Robinson Ranger
so we basically go outside and help like with the little kids and if they’re
having problems to like help themself them and the mindful minute is one of
our newer initiatives that we started to help people I just take a minute and
like breathe after recess twice a week my parents have always told me that like
success isn’t just your grades it’s about like how being a good person and
helping like others around you and I think just I’m just not just being happy
with what you’re doing at Trudeau we celebrate love week and we look at all
the all the different forms of love and we celebrate love in all ways so love
week was an initiative that I Council started two years ago and when we
started the event we wanted to have a week where we celebrate and recognize a
different social issue and identity every single day diversity is our
strength video is a video we created for the Ontario stream Leadership Conference
film contest that’s a conference that student council
attends every single year so that year we wanted to create a video that spoke
to that spoke of youth in Canada and through those experiences and through
those conversations we realized that truly there’s so many things that youth
in this country have accomplished so we wanted to recognize that in this video
and as a as one of our co presence for student council
victory tens are our administration meetings our leadership team meetings
every week and he sits with all of the adults in the in the in the room and his
voice represents the student voice my greatest accomplishments here at
Westmont would be all of the work I’ve done for the student-run Club the
shield initiative I have been a part of it for three years now and I’m the head
of our media department I’ve had the honour of seeing the impact it has on
families and the dozens of children’s of lives that we’ve affected who are in the
hospital and going through difficult recoveries knowing that sort of students
are there and putting their energy into their lives this year I’m the editor in
chief of our yearbook committee and I’ve been an editor for the past three years
so I put a lot of energy into that club as well Daniela has been involved in the
shield’s initiative and she’s been really instrumental in allowing that
program to succeed and grow and flourish it is because of her that the program
continues and that so many students have had access to these mobility aids she is
very creative and hardworking she it’s excellent marks but on top of that she’s
very diligent and then outside the classroom she’s also involved in our
school and community and she works at giving back to other children who have
health concerns and so it really makes her a special human being I guess the
motivation through all of the grueling late nights and the blood sweat and
tears it’s it’s never really been about me or receiving recognition or getting
praise or anything it’s always been knowing that I’m making made I’m making
a difference in a way I’m in the steam club with seven other people and we do a
club for the grades once too for us and they come in and we do some activities
and I’m also in the Ignite Club and we go to grades four to six classes and we
talked to them about inclusion and we learn about math and French it was her
ideas that she took from other students and she organized a steam group into
creating activities and challenges for younger students so she came forth and
had ideas about what kind of challenges the students would be interested in
doing and then planned the materials and how to organize the time with the
students the steam club is an initiative that was offered to Alexis but she has
taken it while listening to the other students and
their ideas and molded it into something that is reflective of the student
population at GLAAD Park I think that I’ve helped other people learn new
things with steam club working together and for ignite teaching other people how
important it is to include people and learning new things I nominated max
because of his willingness to overcome all the obstacles that he’s always had
in his way as barriers he’s got a positive outlook on life and every time
anybody sees him he is everybody knows max in the school
there’s and they’re willing and able to talk to him ongoing and he is very
engaging in everything that he does Taylor has shown a tremendous amount of
strength and courage both physically mentally emotionally to be over to
overcome some of her setbacks this year that takes a tremendous amount of
strength and and to be able to focus still Taylor is involved in every sport
team so cross-country volleyball basketball junior basketball both teams
male and female she’s in concert band she’s in jazz band she’s in me to we
she’s a library helper she’s in red maple she it makes the announcements
every morning she fills in when people are sick she has helped deliver pizza
she is always around our school helping whether it’s baby sing after school when
our principals are putting on a Parent Council event Taylor can be found I have
developed better relationships with my peers and teachers they trust me to do
things and they ask me for help and to do certain tasks and a bunch of
leadership opportunities around the school I want it like encourage my peers
to do their best because I know that if you work hard towards something that you
really want you can get what you want I came to Canada in Green Knight and my
family sacrificed a lot to let me come here currently I mean the school council
and the president and before I have been the president of the handi Hancock the
photographer and game setup coordinator for Tony also the council and have been
in part of Ted crew and other Cubs as well so honey hen Club is a cultural
Club based on like it’s created to celebrate the cultures and traditions
from all sorts of different cultures to help create a safe and comfortable
environment for the newcomer Bob had many responsibilities and had to
work with a variety of people in addition he has also helped facilitate a
new role at our school to give our Els a voice we now have to ll senators and
these students represent our English language learners at our school to give
them a voice one before they may have been overlooked he’s really a role model
for many of our visa and our students and our newcomers he’s an example of
what generosity hard work and perseverance can really achieve you

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