Celebrating Thanksgiving Traditions with Charlotte’s Web CBD

– My favorite Thanksgiving
food would be probably nachos. (light whimsical music) – My mom’s rolls and you
dip ’em in the mash potatoes and gravy, it’s like, it’s heavenly. – Well mashed potatoes and gravy. And I really like cranberries too. – Smoked turkey and mash potatoes ’cause you gotta dip the
turkey in the mash potatoes. – Mash potatoes, and if
anyone says differently then they’re wrong, just
wanna throw that out there. – Chocolate pie. And that is challenging, I’m telling you. – Jared makes the best pie in the family – My grandma made the
best pie in the family. Her chocolate pie was really amazing, but actually she passed it down to Jared. – He always made ’em with grammy and so he knows the old tricks. – She put just the right
amount of cornstarch with flower to thicken up the pie. – Jared makes the best, actually
they’re not my favorite, but chocolate pie, which was
my grandmother’s favorite. – And you can cut through
the pie and it holds into one piece and then you can look at into three dimensionals
and you get the crust, the pie that doesn’t spill over, and this beautiful merengue on top. And that’s probably, when that happens that’s the best moment
for Thanksgiving me. – Grammy was really special. – I’m thankful for my grandmother,
Signa, or Sweet Pepper, that kept us all together,
she was our guru. I feel her all the time,
she’s always around us, she’s always with us, she’s
kinda got the steering wheel. And I’m forever grateful to her. – You know that last five
years of life have just given so many things to be
thankful for in general, from business, to family, all
these new nieces, nephews. So much to celebrate in the Stanley family that it’s like, I can’t
pinpoint one thing. I’m so thankful just in general. (whistling) – My favorite Thanksgiving
traditions have to be playing cards after dinner. Jesse will say he’s
the best, but he’s not. I always win. – My favorite Thanksgiving
tradition is probably getting together with my family but also inviting anybody else who doesn’t have a place
to go for Thanksgiving. And I love that tradition
of having new people. – Kinda working around
and experiencing fall. And I love being together
with all the family. And trying not to eat too much. My mom’s green bean casserole. That’s on point. What makes it so special? – ‘Cause my mom made it. (laughs) (light music)

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