Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

As a whole it’s just one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. It’s a great playground of the imagination! It’s like a massive fun house. You feel like you’ve arrived. This is 70 years of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe! Seventy! It’s just so breathtaking. So many talented performers in one place. It’s one of the most important melting pots for ideas in the world. You get to see some of the most exciting and thrilling performances. You can get anything, you can go and see anything. You’ve got circus, you’ve got dance, you’ve got cabaret. Comedians… actors… buskers. From a serious drama, to juggling, to a clown act, to a naked drag queen. Any conceivable thing is worth a try. They cater for every taste. It’s the roulette of let’s go in and we don’t know what it’s about but let’s go and watch it. And if it’s good people will see it. 70th anniversary! What an amazing event! You really couldn’t have found a city with a more exciting vibe. There’s such a buzz about the place! You’re meeting people from all over the world every day. You can’t fail to be swept up with the atmosphere. It is kind of magnetic. I’ve never seen so many venues in my life. Even in telephone boxes, in the back of cabs people are putting on shows. It’s wonderful! You never know what you’re going to see. For a comedian the Fringe is like Christmas! We plan our entire year around it. I just find the whole thing so bloody exciting! I want to do the Fringe every year for the rest of my life. It’s bigger and better and more international than any other festival. I enjoy it so much. It’s the only time of my life I’ve actually met the general public. This was and continues to be the great great great granddaddy. This is the biggest arts festival out there and it’s a joy to be part of it. I just love it. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish the Edinburgh Fringe a very happy anniversary Happy 70th anniversary Edinburgh Fringe! You did it! Well done! You’re brilliant! # Happy anniversary! # # To the Fringe! # Hip-hip hooraaaaaaaayyy! A place to discover! A place to be discovered! It can’t be beaten anywhere! Happy 70th Edinburgh Fringe! I love you! You’re 70? Which is… 70 is really like the new 35! You’ve never been creaky but you’ve always been freaky! Hopefully there’s many more to come! Congratulations on the timeless wonderment that is the Edinburgh Fringe. Edinburgh Festival Fringe, I love you! Long may you go forward!

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  1. What? No comments? Allow me to the be the first: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY FRINGE!!!! I love your atmosphere =D

  2. Hi! This is one of the best festivals in the world because you enjoy and learn at the same time.Thanks&regards.Prashant Mishra.

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