Celebrating the ADA’s 20th/24th/25th Anniversary

[silly music]>>Karl Groves: This month marks the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Acta wide-ranging civil…>>Billy Gregory: Wait, I thought the ADA came out in 1990, that would make it 24.>>Karl Groves: Sort of, but Title III came into effect on July 1st 1994.>>Billy Gregory: Gotcha>>Karl Groves: The official ADA regulation was signed July 26th 1990 by President George HW Bush. Title II, which covers State and Local Governments, and Title III which covers Public Accommodations. Naturally both are important and>>Billy Gregory: What about Title I?>>Karl Groves: What about it?>>Billy Gregory: You didn’t mention it>>Karl Groves: Title I covers employment.>>Billy Gregory: So why didn’t you mention it>>Karl Groves: Because. I I don’t know.>>Billy Gregory: You’re trying to dance around this 20th anniversary thing, aren’t you. In fact Senator Tom Harkin introduced the bill to the Senate which passed by a vote of 76-8 on a vote that was held in 1989. So maybe we should call this the 25th anniversary?>>Karl Groves: Yeah, no. It wasn’t signed into law until July 26, 1990… >>Billy Gregory: 24th….>>Karl Groves: The ADA is a wide-ranging civil rights law that prohibits, under certain circumstances, discrimination based on disability. It affords similar protections against discrimination to Americans with disabilities as the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which made discrimination based on race, religion, sex, national origin, and other characteristics illegal. Disability is defined by the ADA as “…a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity.”>>Billy Gregory: Like not knowing how to do subtraction?>>Karl Groves: Americans with disabilities – unlike Canadians who are soon to have disabilities – comprise one of the largest minority groups in the United States. According to the US Census Bureau approximately 20% of Americans have one or more diagnosed psychological or physical disabilities.>>Billy Gregory: Census 2000 counted 49.7 million people with some type of long lasting condition or disability. They represented 19.3 percent of the 257.2 million people who were aged 5 and older — or nearly one person in five…”>>Karl Groves: On September 25, 2008, President George W. Bush signed the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 into law. The ADAAA made a number of significant changes to the ADA definition of “disability” to ensure that it would be easier for individuals seeking the protection of the ADA to establish that they have a disability that falls within the meaning of the statute.>>Karl Groves: So basically that was the A-D-A-A-eh?…Oot and Aboot?>>Billy Gregory: Gotcha, where I’m from in Ontario Canada we have the AODA.>>Karl Groves: The AOD…Eh?>>Billy Gregory: [sighs] The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 is a statute enacted in 2005 for the purpose of improving accessibility standards for Ontarians with physical and mental disabilities to all public establishments by 2025.>>Karl Groves: By 2025?>>Billy Gregory: Yeah, we figured we’d take your lead on the 508 Refresh.>>Karl Groves:…okay, so the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. Isn’t that Eh-Oh-Dee-Eh?>>Billy Gregory: [silence]>>Karl Groves: Oot and aboot>>Billy Gregory: Keeps getting funnier…So about this 20th anniversary of the fifth anniversary of the vote being passed>>Karl Groves: We needed something relevant to talk about.>>Billy Gregory: Right, well the 20th Anniversary of Title III is clearly an important milestone. Under Title III, no individual may be discriminated against on the basis of disability with regards to the full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, or accommodations of any place of public accommodation by any person who owns, leases (or leases to), or operates a place of public accommodation. [deep breath]>>Karl Groves: [deep breath] “Public accommodations” include most places of lodging such as inns and hotels, recreation, transportation, education, and dining, along with stores, care providers, and places of public displays, among other things.>>Billy Gregory: When the ADA was first written, the World Wide Web did not exist. Since the early days of the web there’ve been several lawsuits relating to accessibility of websites and web-based applications. While the Department of Justice has consistently stated their position is that Title III does apply to the web, the actual text of the law does not explicitly state this.>>Karl Groves: There has been recent pressure to have the law state this more explicitly.>>Billy Gregory: With the ADA reaching such an important milestone, we sent field reporter Eric Wright out to get your take on this… [exhilarating rock music]>>Eric Wright: Are you aware of the American’s with Disabilities anniversary coming up?>>Interviewee: I was unaware of the anniversary.>>Eric Wright: Okay>>Eric Wright: Are you aware of the upcoming Americans with Disabilities Act anniversary?>>Interviewee: Uh, yes.>>Eric Wright: What do you plan to do to celebrate?>>Interviewee: I hadn’t really thought of that…>>Eric Wright: What can we do to rectify that today?>>Interviewee: I don’t know.>>Eric Wright: How are you going to celebrate?>>Interviewee: Um, I don’t know to be honest…You got me there. You got me shorthanded.>>Eric Wright: What’s your favorite disability?>>Interviewee: Uh, blindness.>>Eric Wright: Blindness?>>Interviewee: The sight-impaired.>>Eric Wright: That’s interesting. You know my favorite disability is the one that affects me personally…color blindness.>>Interviewee: Oh, color blindness. I think we have some color blind people in the office.>>Eric Wright: No kidding! Absolutely.[sound of record player scratch]>>Cop: Do you have a permit to be taking video on our property?[sound of sad trombone]>>Karl Groves: Alright, so with all the heat Eric got in to doing his interviews, Billy and I are going to go hit the street to see what we can get done. Billy Gregory: So we are here in Reston, Virginia. We are interviewing people at the Reston Town Center. Just getting their take on the ADA, seeing what’s up. Not a lot of support for the ADA, I gotta tell you. Maybe people just don’t care enough yet. Let’s see if Karl and I can change their opinion.>>Karl Groves: So with this important anniversary, how do you guys plan on celebrating?>>Interviewee: Well, we’ve had a few drinks, so…>>Karl Groves: So you’ve started your celebration already?>>Interviewee: Yeah, we knew about this obviously earlier and we planned this all along.>>Interviewee: Um, by working probably.>>Billy Gregory: Do you know what the ADA is?>>Interviewee: I have no idea.>>Billy Gregory: Are you guys familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act?>>Interviewee: Semi>>Billy Gregory: Semi?>>Billy Gregory: How do you guys plan on celebrating this momentous occasion?>>Interviewee: We’re about to go out to eat. So I guess we could do a little toast.>>Billy Gregory: You could do a…alright, I guess that’s fair.>>Billy Gregory: We were just wondering, how do you plan on celebrating?>>Interviewee: Um, voting for the disabled act through the Senate?[Laughter]>>Billy Gregory: Did you know that there’s a 20th anniversary coming up?>>Interviewee: No I did not know that.>>Billy Gregory: Are you older or younger than the ADA Title III?>>Interviewee: We’re twenty…>>Billy Gregory: So you’re the exact same age! So if you guys were the ADA, how would you want to celebrate your twentieth birthday? Maybe we could throw a party for it. [Laughter]>>Announcer: And now, a message from our sponsor.>>Announcer: From the team that brought you back talk, comes a revolutionary innovation in assistive technology. Presenting the Goggle Androne!>>Sassy Outwater: I’ve been using service animals to help me get around for years. I used to go everywhere with my dog and she was fantastic. 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Thanks to Androne, you and your team will be more productive than ever!>>Androne:1:00 p.m. Time to leave for appointment with Dr. Schrader.>>Announcer: No loud, stinky dogs taking up space on elevators anymore.>>Announcer: But wait, there’s more! Thanks to Androne’s facial recognition software linked directly to your contact list, you will never be surprised by someone you don’t recognize.>>Androne: This is contact name “minute man”, added to contact list at 3:15 a.m. last friday.>>Announcer: From navigation, to recognition, to managing my schedule, can a dog to that? The Androne is the perfect assistive technology no matter what your lifestyle. Androne. The last assistive technology you’ll ever need. Supplies are limited, call now. [whoosh]>>Karl Groves: So the ADA is turning 20…>>Bill Gregory: …or 24…>>Karl Groves:…depending on how you look at it and it looks like the nation is poised to celebrate!>>Bill Gregory: What kind of party does someone that age even have?>>Karl Groves: I dunno, but it probably starts with them needing fake ID to get booze.>>Bill Gregory: Hehe yeah, if the ADA were a real person it would already have neck tattoos and would be sending me FB invites to go see it’s band.>>Karl Groves: It’d be sending me snapchats from places that don’t even open until 2 hours past my bed time.>>Bill Gregory: It would a Kickstarter for its own social networking app!>>Karl Groves: It would totally be into vintage stuff… like CDs. And, it’d be using it’s mom’s car to be an Uber driver>>Bill Gregory: Tell you one thing, that’d at least be a driver that would accept service animals…>>Karl Groves: Ow! It’d be applying to grad school so it could avoid paying rent to live in moms basement>>Bill Gregory: Well, no matter how you choose to celebrate, on behalf of everyone here at the Viking and the Lumberjack, have a safe and happy ADA-aversary!>>Karl Groves: Wahooo!>>Bill Gregory: Peace!>>Announcer: Next time, on The Viking and the Lumberjack..[whoosh]>>Bill Gregory: We are thrilled to bring you an exclusive interview with someone who has intimate knowledge of the Section 508 Refresh. Someone with unrestricted and unparalled access to all the interworkings of this highly anticipated, yes oft delayed piece of legislation. We are pleased to announce our guest today, the law itself – the 508 Refresh! [funky music]>>Karl Groves: [airy shooting sound][silly music begins playing]>>Sassy Outwater: No! No! No! No! Just, what’s my day. You don’t have to fly! [loud noises from the blades] Androne! What’s my day! Not fly. [laughter] This is the most frustrating this ever! [laughter][loud noises from the blades]>>Billy Gregory: [incomprehensible speech] [laughter] Nice work!>>Karl Groves: Do you like the Viking or the Lumberjack better?>>Billy Gregory: Yeah, which one is your favorite?>>Interviewee 1: The Viking.>>Interviewee 2: The Lumberjack.>>Interviewee 1: Saxons!>>Billy Gregory: Your friend is having a huge party to celebrate the ADA and she hasn’t even told you. That’s not much of a friend. Is this a friend? A sister? Ex-friend?>>Interviewee 2: Ex-friend…>>Billy Gregory: Ex- friend. Apparently, yeah. [Laughter]>>Sassy Outwater: A friend told me about the Android…Oops. [laughter]>>Billy Gregory: (off screen) You’re a natural. You’re a star baby! The camera adds ten pounds of sexy!>>Sassy Outwater: [laughter] Did you not just do that. Okay, we’ll pretend that you just did not.>>Karl Groves: Dude, have you ever seen somebody doing this?>>Karl Groves: …with the microphone…>>Karl Groves: You’re clearly more animated than I am…I need to fix that.>>Billy Gregory: Coke…>>Interviewee: Do I need to put my lipstick on?>>Billy Gregory: No, no. I mean, mine wore off hours ago, I wouldn’t bother. [laughter]>>Karl Groves: You have no line![laughter]>>Billy Gregory: It’s my show now! [laughter]>>Karl Groves: The ADAAA…A…>>Billy Gregory: (to the tune of YMCA) A-D-A-A>>Billy Gregory: So how do you guys enforce the ADA. Do you have an ADA Team? I pity the fool that got in the way!>>Karl Groves: The ADA Team!>>Karl Groves: Fatalities!>>Billy Gregory: Fatalities! FINISH HIM![laughter]>>Camera Operator: Look out, the drone! Oh my god, what is that. It’s crazy. Alright, run away! [laughter]>>Carolyn Gardy: Ah! It works. [laughter] Karl Groves: So the ADA is turning 20!>>Billy Gregory: What the…was that?>>Karl Groves: I just thought I’d ratchet it up a bit! Oh boy!>>Karl Groves: Sorry!>>Billy Gregory: Sorry about that. Sorry. I’m not sorry…Canada’s not sorry!>>Announcer: If you enjoyed our Androne commercial spoof and would like to submit your own idea for a similar parody commercial for The Viking and the Lumberjack, please e-mail us at [email protected]

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