Celebrating the Life of NASA Mathematician Katherine Johnson

Narrator: Former human computer and NASA legend Katherine G. Johnson was laid to rest in Hampton Virginia after passing away peacefully at age 101. Dignitaries, friends and admirers came out in force to pay their respects to a woman who redefined the role of an African American woman in the Jim Crowe south. Donnie Tuck: As an African American and a girl growing up in an era of brutal racism and sexism, Katherine faced daily challenges. Still, she persevered. Narrator: NASA Langley Center Director Clayton Turner promised NASA would continue her work. Clayton Turner: We can ensure the person she was lives in the hearts and minds of generations to come. We can do this by simply living her shining example. Being that light, that blessing to someone. Narrator: Katherine Johnson’s legacy was alive and well at the service through the many children that showed up because she inspired them to achieve. Girl: She inspired me to if I have anything on my mind I can just do it. Narrator: As the Artemis generation celebrates the first woman on the Moon in 2024, the world will never forget Katherine Johnson, whose perseverance and excellence helped make space flight possible.

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