Celebrating the Lunar New Year in Canada – Family, Food, and Fun! (ENG/日本語 Subs)

Happy New Year! (Cantonese)
Happy New Year! (Vietnamese) Happy New Year! (Korean) Hey everyone! It’s Abby, from CISM. So this next video is gonna be a bit about
the Lunar New Year. The Lunar New Year is a holiday that is celebrated
in a variety of Asian cultures around the world. And is increasingly celebrated here in Canada. So for the video, we’ll be talking to a variety
of different international students and hearing about their experiences with the Lunar New Year
both in their home country as well as here in Canada. So first of all, you gotta wear this. It’s called ao dai so if you are a woman and
you’ll show… It’s really nice and it’s really special to
any Vietnamese woman to wear the traditional clothes on the first day of the year. The Lunar New Year ‘s day is one of the biggest holidays in Korea.
Our family gets together and visits our grandfather or grandmother’s house.
And sharing and enjoying some Korean traditional food. So in Hong Kong, our family used to buy lots of snacks and candies.
And we just put it in like a Chinese style box. And we put it at home so when people come over or like when my friends visit me then they can just pick whatever they want from the
box. You’re gonna get ready to come over to other
people’s houses to wish them luck and money and love and health for your whole family. The most important food is dduk guk. That means that people are getting one year
older. And then we will do some paper cutting.
So if you turn it around and then turn it over, it means that the luck will come to
your door. When I was two, so my mom had been trying to
stop me from eating sweets so when I went to my grandmother’s house,
I saw there are like a bunch of candies and I picked a sour lemon one.
And I hid under the table and started to eat the candy. Most of Korean people get some pocket money from their elderly family.
When we greet them for pocket money, we say, “I wish you all the good in this year
and I hope you will be healthy.” After seeing the fireworks everywhere, then my dad took me to the special temples or pagoda and prayed. That was my first time eating the candy which made me feel like I’m really celebrating the
New Year. Cause when I was young, I felt like if I didn’t
eat any of those Chinese style candies or like sweets,
I’m not really celebrating the New Year. Last year, we got some pocket money, lots
of pocket money because I was planning to go to Canada.
So that’s why I got lots of money from them. Basically from 12 AM till like 2, I was on
a motorcycle with my dad and then he drove me to the temples and we
prayed and we went back home. Yeah.
That was really fun. I haven’t spent the Lunar New Year here but
I’m planning to celebrate the Lunar New Year’s day with our home mate.
All our home mates are Korean. We are going to make some Korean traditional
food. For example, the dduk guk.
I think the Korean food is enough for celebrating. Yeah. So our family, we do it a little bit different in Canada cause in Canada, we don’t have many relatives living in here. Most of our relatives live in Hong Kong. So we don’t do the dinner thing anymore.
We just do like a small dinner and it’s only within our family. Honestly? Maybe, but on the phone.
So my dad and my mom and my brother will at home, counting down.
I’ll be here, counting down too. But yeah, that’s it.
And then I’ll just go out for the temples and pray.
That’s the only thing I still keep right now. You wish someone to have more money, to earn
more money in the upcoming New Year. So for the New Year, I wish you have the best
health and a lot of money coming in, and your business will do well. I wish you all the best this year. Simple. So one of the most interesting things I learned about Lunar New Year through that video is
that it actually represents a change in your age, so kind of like a birthday. And then as such, you get money from other
people which happens to be one of the most exciting things of course for the kids as
well as for young people. And increasingly, this holiday is becoming
more popular around Canada because it’s such a diverse country.
So if you look around the city you’re living in, it’s very likely you’ll find some events
based around Lunar New Year, that you are welcome to attend. Of course, be sure to check out our video on our YouTube channel, officialCISM, as well
as our website, mycism.com That’s where we upload all of our videos with
new international students and themes on a very regular basis.
So be sure to stay tuned. Thanks guys. Bye!

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